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Monday, November 30

30th Nov - Big week ahead

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Nouriel Roubini: Europe’s Barbarians Inside the GateProject Syndicate
For Europe, solidarity begins at home. That means supporting aggregate demand and pro-growth reforms to ensure a more resilient recovery of jobs and incomes – and thereby beating back the populists and nationalists currently gaining ground throughout the continent.

The Euro Debate and the Abuse of LanguageThe Irish Economy
Monetary unions do not experience selective bank closures, the re-introduction of exchange controls or the numerous other manifestations of financial fragmentation that have occurred before and after the Eurozone ‘reforms’.

Openness and Inequality: Distributional Impacts of Capital Account LiberalizationiMFdirect

Merkel under pressure from her own ahead of EU migration summitReuters

Turkey to help EU curb migration in exchange for cash, EU membership talks: draftReuters

As Market Awaits "Santa" Draghi, The ECB Is "Chasing Its Own Tail" – ZH
ECB’s 'QE Express' rolls into town but what's onboard? – TF
The ECB needs to surprise while saving ammunition for 2016 – Pictet
Why Draghi shouldn't pull the trigger prematurely – TF

US labour market monitorDanske Bank

Employment growth has to slow significantly before it becomes a concern for Fed

Why teach kids macro at the intro level?Noah Smith

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
Quiet Stock Market Could Get Noisy This Week

Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
ECB and Payrolls in Focus

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
Look to Small Companies for Gains

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Busy week for ECB and Fed * IMF votes on CNY inclusion * Rates heading lower ahead of busy schedule next week * Long USD bias heading into ECB meeting on Thursday

Morning MarketsTF
Climate change will be in the spotlight this week as world leaders meet for talks in Paris. This will also be a big week for central bankers with both the Reserve Bank of India and the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting on Tuesday the Bank of Canada on Wednesday and the ECB on Thursday. Finally on Friday there's the Opec summit and non-farm payrolls data from the US.

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar Edges Higher Ahead of Month-End and Key Events

Daily ShotTF
Financial markets are pricing in a massive expansion of the European Central Bank's securities buying programme but this may not be the sort of assistance the Eurozone needs. So what will happen if Draghi and company disappoint?

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Downing Street insists “good progress” made in EU negotiations with substantive talks in December * EU and Turkey agree package of measures aimed at stemming flow of migrants into Europe * Poll: Almost half of Germans say Merkel should step down * Former Home Secretaries argue EU membership is vital to national security * New Spanish election poll foresees tight three-way race * Front National on course to take control of two French regions in upcoming election, new poll shows * No room to back down as market expects significant easing from the ECB

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Climate COP — Turkey trumps

Futures Rebound On Latest Chinese Intervention, Renewed Hopes For "Moar From Mario"


From the FloorTF
Markets are bracing for a blast of information this week from the ECB's policy meeting on Thursday followed on Friday by Opec's gathering in Vienna as well as the last US employment report before the Fed's December meeting. Any failure by ECB president Mario Draghi to deliver the expected easing measures would be a huge jolt.

Keskuspankkien tiet erkanevat * EKP ilmoittaa torstaina lisäelvytyksestä * Kiinan juan hyväksytään tänään todennäköisesti osaksi IMF:n valuuttakoria * Ruotsin talous jatkaa hyvässä kasvuvauhdissa, vähittäismyynti kasvoi voimakkaasti

Jussi Hyöty: Markkinoilla on neljä vaihtoehtoa – yksi kestäväAP
Jan Hurri: Tämä vielä puuttui – Islantikin pyyhälsi Suomen ohiTalSa
Muutama vuosi sitten moni Suomessakin ilkkui "sillinsyöjille", kun Islannin talous romahti finanssikriisin alussa. Ei ilku enää. Suomi romahti vain vähän myöhemmin, ja nyt Islanti on tolpillaan ja kasvaa mutta Suomi yhä kyykyssä ja taantuu. Kuka nyt syö silliä?

"Tomppeleihin ei ole varaa" – Ex-huippuvirkamies lataa vapaastiVerkkouutiset
Eläköitynyt Erkki Virtanen kehuu elinkeinoministeriön ja valtiovarainministeriön ministereitä.

Etukäteisviisautta 2013: surkeat näkymät, karkeita virheitäHuopainen / US

Miksi euron kannatus pysyy korkealla – liian monella menee vielä hyvinTyhmyri

Henkilökuva: Petteri OrpoYLE
Kaikkien kaveri, josta veikataan kokoomuksen seuraavaa puheenjohtajaa

Alexander Stubbille ”hengähdystauko”Jukka Hankamäki