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Sunday, June 10

10th Jun - Weekender: Off-Topics

Krugman is a sci-fi fan, Feynman, Bill Murray, return to the's all here!

Earlier on MoreLiver's:

Exhausting the Earth's Resources? Not So FastWSJ
Some Fearing Minerals Shortfall Look to Asteroids, but Miners See Planet as Almost Bottomless Pit

In Conversation with Daniel Kahneman LSE (video)
This public conversation with Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman hosted by LSE and the Hay Festivals will focus on his best selling book Thinking, Fast and Slow. (mp3 link)

Can you tell a lot about someone just from looking at their shoes?Barking up the wrong tree

The Scientific Case For A Return To The Moontechnology review
The last controlled moon landing was in 1976. Now it's time to go back and the reasons are more compelling than ever, argue space scientists

Hitler gets a margin callyoutube

Cargo Cult Sciencebrain pickings
Richard Feynman’s 1974 Caltech Graduation Address on Integrity:  “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself.”

Odyssey and the Lost Spanish TreasureBusinessweek
The international battle over 17 tons of coins discovered by an American deep-sea treasure hunting company.

Bill Murray: The ESQ+AEsquire
The actor talks about inaccessibility and freedom, commitment and fatherhood. And Wes Anderson. And citrus fruit.

2012 Philip K. Dick FestivalPKD Festival
The Largest Gathering of PKD Scholars and Fans Ever Assembled in North America, A Multi-disciplinary Celebration of the Legendary California Writer

Microsoft's SmartGlass Is a Game-Changertechnology review
A look at the extremely compelling Xbox service.

Sharing the knowledge burdenFree exchange / The Economist

Relationship Between Creativity and Dishonestybrain pickings
Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely: “Creativity can help us tell better stories — stories that allow us to be even more dishonest but still think of ourselves as wonderfully honest people.”

Economist Paul Krugman Is a Hard-Core Science Fiction FanWired

Michael Lewis — Don’t Eat Fortune’s CookieFarnam Street
Above all, recognize that if you have had success, you have also had luck — and with luck comes obligation. You owe a debt, and not just to your Gods. You owe a debt to the unlucky.

Artsie non-linearity, economics, and the concrete steppesWorthwhile

Cosmology and the Arrow of TimeThe Big Picture
16min lecture by Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech

Ray Bradbury: Enemy of the State reason
Remembering the late science fiction writer

FiveBooks Interviews: John Dickie on the Italian Mafia The Browser
The three biggest Italian mafias remain a powerful presence, with tentacles reaching deep inside Italian business and politics. The author of Mafia Brotherhoods busts the myth that it’s all in the family

The AI game that knows you better than anyoneNew Scientist

The Library of Utopiatechnology review
Google's ambitious book-scanning program is foundering in the courts. Now a Harvard-led group is launching its own sweeping effort to put our literary heritage online. Will the Ivy League succeed where Silicon Valley failed?

5 things you need to know about alcoholBarking up the wrong tree