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Tuesday, June 26

26th Jun - EU Open: Conservation is just conversation

Not much to report, only couple of articles since yesterday. See my last night’s US Close: Everything, Squared for article links. Understand the EU summit, and understand  what makes the FED move. The rest is just…well, conversation.

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Market Preview: Spanish, Italian bond auctions eyedSaxo Bank
European markets are likely to open mostly higher Tuesday. Yesterday, Moody's downgraded its long-term debt and deposit ratings on 28 Spanish banks. Investors await the outcome of the Spanish and Italian bond auctions due today.

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)

EU-summit draft suggests enhanced power that should enable EU to rewrite budgets for euro area member states that violate the debt and deficit rules. Cyprus applies for EFSF/ESM assistance and the Greek Finance Minister steps down due to health problems. 28 Spanish Banks downgraded between 1-4 notches by Moody’s. Thin global calendar with US consumer confidence as the main release.

Morning Briefing: Definitely MaybeBNY Mellon
Whilst there may yet be a softer side to Germany’s hard line on Greece, any conciliation on offer will be insufficient to cure Greece’s ills

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All the bail-out systems under the sun cannot make the eurozone workThe Telegraph
Another week, another summit. This week's shindig of EU leaders in Brussels will be bound to focus on efforts to shore up the euro.

Oui Nein & Non Ja - Franco-German fault lines & EurocrisisRe-Define
So France says Oui to the important things that Germany says Nein to. The conditions for a German Ja are things that to France may always be Non… The fate of the EU and the Eurozone in particular once again lies in the hands of France and Germany. It does not bode well then that the fault line between the two remains as big as ever!

Merkel Hardens Resistance to Euro-Area Debt SharingBB

Moody’s downgrades Spanish banksalphaville / FT

Spanish Bank Bailout Analysis – According to EFSF FAQTF Market Advisors
…it seems to have addressed a lot of the questions and the answers seem reasonable.

The IMF response to the crisis: Crisis prevention and political
In the wake of the global crisis the IMF has increased its exposure and modified its lending approach. This column looks at IMF loan arrangements in developing countries since 2008 and suggests that the Fund has played a role in dampening contagion effects. However, its lending operations have also been influenced by political similarity between borrowers and G7 governments.

DB projects consumer deleveraging will be complete within two yearsSober Look
They determined the long-term trend line based on consumer debt to GDP ratio from 1953 to 2003, thus excluding the bubble years. Then they compared the current leverage to this line and looked at the rate of convergence. The intersection with the trend line is expected to take place in a year.

Macau gaming stocks drop on China gloombeyondbrics / FT
gaming revenue growth in China looks closely correlated to overall economic growth.

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