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Thursday, June 7

7th Jun - US Open: Run - It's the Feds!

All eyes on Bernanke and then it will be end of the week. The plans to recap the Spanish banks and hopes for QE are still driving the markets, but I believe the short-term “good news” are now in prices, and expect good old-fashioned position-squaring ahead of the weekend. only one week to go for the Greek elections, bt the way. For the FED, see my recently updated ECB & FED Previews. My last night’s post was also nice.

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  Germany considering limited rescue plan for Spain; ABC: IMF estimates Spanish banks will need at least €40bn

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Europe: Get Ready for a Surprise Endgame!A Dash of Insight
Most people are watching for some big, comprehensive plan.  They will not see a solution until they have missed the whole move.  If you follow the items on this list, you can track progress in real time.

Europe Crisis: “Bad Romance” on a Global ScaleTIME
a turning point this summer as Europe finally decides whether it wants to break up or get married.

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Spain BlinksThe Telegraph
There will be a sovereign bail-out for Spain from the EFSF rescue fund. This is disguised (very slightly) by paying the money into Spain's state restructuring fund for banks FROB rather than the treasury, but that changes little.

Spanish auction: Nothing to see here, move onalphaville / FT
It might have been a risky time to auction bonds, but with the limited size (€2.07b) demand could have come purely from domestic sources.

J.P. Morgan: 6 near-term risks to the rallyPragCap

The euro and the “hope” tradealphaville / FT
Nordvig is probably right to worry that even a casual rumour could produce a burst of profit-taking by the shorts and a quick bounce despite no meaningful improvement in the situation.

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