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Monday, August 12

12th Aug - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Silver Soars; Stock Bores; Bond Bulls Heading For The Doors – ZH

A good summerNordea (pdf)
An overview of the state of the Swedish economy.

Ally and Target: US Intelligence Watches Germany CloselySpiegel
German intelligence services cooperate closely with the NSA, but the country is also a target of US surveillance, as a document seen by SPIEGEL makes clear. The spy software XKeyscore is operated from a facility in Hesse, with some of the results landing on President Obama's desk.

Unemployment in Europe: Reducing wages is not a panaceaEl PaĆ­s / Presseurop
In order to kickstart growth, Madrid has only to do what Ireland and Latvia have done: cut wages. The suggestion has caused an uproar in Spain. And, where the idea has been put into practise, it has left negative results to go with the positive ones.

Greece becoming new Kosovo as youth jobless hits 65pcThe Telegraph
Greek youth unemployment has soared to a record 64.9pc as the country’s downward spiral continues almost unchecked.

Weekend Sentiment Summary (August Week 2)The Short Side of the Long

Five Years Later, Fed Finds QE Has "At Best, Moderate Effects On Economic Growth"ZH

Why the Fed needs Summers’ firefighting skillsThe A-list / FT
It is only a matter of time before emergency tools are required again, says Roger Altman

Emerging Market Preview for the Week AheadMarc to Market