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Thursday, August 15

15th Aug - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Boring Overnight Session Redeemed By Latest Japanese Lie – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
Daily press summary – Open Europe
  Merkel’s intervention on returning powers from Brussels comes after meeting with reform minded Tory MPs; Mats Persson: Merkel sees the UK as key to ensuring EU really works for trade and entrepreneurship
Morning MoneyBeat: As Rally Stalls, Weakness Brews – WSJ
US Dollar Softer, but Going Nowhere Quickly – Marc to Market

Has Austerity Failed in Europe?Project Syndicate
Daniel Gros: If the purpose of austerity in Europe was to reduce public-debt levels, its critics are right: fiscal belt-tightening has clearly failed, because debt/GDP ratios continue to rise. But the goal of austerity was not just to stabilize debt ratios.

Merkel backs plans to claw back EU powerseuobserver


Yellen Beats Summers as Most Likely Fed Chair in PollBB

Yield Forecast UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)
Central banks to keep rates low with data improving

FX Forecast UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)
More GBP, USD, SEK strength in store

Insights Q3 Outlook: Plain sailingTradingFloor
Tapering may have caused equities some pain in the second quarter, but the market was quick to factor in a likely end to quantitative easing. But fears of another shock to the system, at least from this angle, look groundless.

Insights Q3 Outlook: More of the sameTradingFloor
US fiscal drag will remain sizeable in the second half of this year and will keep growth lower than developments in the private sector suggest,

Insights Q3 Outlook: QE to infinity and backTradingFloor
With the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing bonanza coming to an end, it’s time to face a new reality

Insights Q3 Outlook: Waiting for reality to hitTradingFloor
The third quarter is looking good for assets, but it will also mark the end of the extend-and-pretend mentality

Insights Q3 Outlook: The calm before the stormTradingFloor
The next few months should offer gold and silver some respite after a torrid first half of the year. Oil, meanwhile, is still a safe bet although any expectation that WTI crude will re-establish its historical premium over Brent looks fanciful.

Urpilainen: Viennin elpyminen vaatii kilpailukyvyn parantamistaHS
Teollisuuden ja kansantalouden haasteena on sopeutua rakennemuutokseen: meidän on kyettävä parantamaan vientimme hintakilpailukykyä ja samalla ohjaamaan voimavaroja uusille, kasvaville aloille, kirjoittaa valtiovarainministeri Jutta Urpilainen HS:n Vieraskynä-palstalla.

Ilmarisen talousjohtaja: “Suomen valtiontalous on euroalueen vahvin”Revalvaatio

Maksutase kesäkuussa 2013 – Suomen Pankki
Teollisuuden liikevaihto supistui maalis-toukokuussa vajaat 6% YoY – Tilastokeskus
Palvelualojen liikevaihto kasvoi maalis-toukokuussa 1,3% YoY – Tilastokeskus