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Tuesday, August 27

27th Aug - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Futures Tumble On Pre-War Jitters, Emerging Market Rout, More Summers Rumors – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
EU daily news – Europa
Daily press summary – Open Europe
Morning MoneyBeat: Gold Starting to Glitter Again – WSJ
Imminent Syria Strike and Rout in Emerging Markets Underpins Dollar, Yen, Swiss Franc – Marc to Market

Europe’s Single Bank Rule Book Falls Apart as North Races AheadBB
The goal of a single rule book for Europe’s banks is splintering even before it’s implemented as northern countries move ahead with tougher requirements to ward off the next boom-to-bust cycle.

German Business Confidence Rises to Highest in 16 MonthsBB
German Ifo index promises more growthTradingFloor
The German Ifo business climate index for August confirms the Germany's manufacturing-led recovery. Sectoral indices suggest the growth is spreading to other sectors as well, which should support growth in the coming months.

Carney Rolls Out Guidance Campaign as Yields Surge: U.K. CreditBB

BOE’s Bean Says Can’t See Signs of Housing Boom EmergingBB

Euro zone rate cut prospects evaporateMacroScope / Reuters

Swedish credit growth – still worth watching – Nordea
Sweden: Slow recovery in foreign trade – Nordea
Danish financing requirement nosediving – Nordea

Will this be the ZLB/repo/collateral-scarcity solution we’ve been waiting for? alphaville / FT
According to the little-noticed second paragraph in the FOMC minutes to the July meeting, Simon Potter of the New York Fed discussed with the committee a possible addition to the Fed’s set of tools for tightening policy when the time comes — a “fixed-rate, full-allotment overnight reverse repurchase agreement facility”.

The Strong Case for Optimism About U.S. GrowthView / BB
Gary Shilling: Beyond the bright prospects for a return to rapid economic growth and a reduction in debt, the U.S. has many long-run advantages in a globalized world

Wage Stagnation and Market OutcomesEconomix / NYT
A new paper from the Economic Policy Institute provides both diagnosis and prescription of what is arguably the fundamental problem of the United States economy in recent years: wage stagnation.

Fed Shouldn’t Ignore Emerging Market CrisisWSJ
Broadly, the thinking seems to be that emerging market economies brought their problems on themselves.

Don’t Blame the Fed for Asia’s ProblemsView / BB
A different kind of smugness has afflicted Asia in recent years. After the 2008 global crash, regional governments started believing their own press. They were convinced they had decoupled from the West.

Summer's gone—Don't hold your fireTradingFloor
Michael O'Neill: Tapering isn't the only item on the menu. There are plenty more economic, political and geopolitical issues simmering on the horizon which could have serious implications for FX traders.

Nothing screams shadow banking quite like a leveraged loan ETFalphaville / FT

Business cycles: Demand more inflationFree exchange / The Economist

Kuluttajien luottamus ennallaan elokuussaTilastokeskus

Juha Sipilä: perjantain puhe Keskustan eduskuntaryhmän kokouksessaKeskusta

Kuka sanoisi heureka?Elina Lepomäki / US Puheenvuoro

Presidentti Niinistö: Suomen Nato-kupla puhkesiIS

Niinistö perää "yhteisen kohtalon henkeä"IL

Niinistö: Tässä ei itsekehu auta - "Emme elä enää 90-lukua"IL

Pääkirjoitus: Soini potee jo hallituskipeyttäIS

Niinistö arvosteli jyrkästi eläkerahapomojen bonusjärjestelmiäHS

Pääkirjoitus 26.8.2013: Säätiölakia aiotaan väljentää liikaaIL

Pääkirjoitus: Hallitus on kuin hullu mies HuittisistaIS

Riiheen hyvin ja huonoin uutisindemari

Talousfoorumista kohti rakenneuudistuksiaKansan Uutiset

Kova halu hallitukseenSS

Karvaat lääkkeet on uskallettava antaaSS

Soini nylkee jo karhuaESS

Pääkirjoitus 27.8.2013: Ratkaisuja kannattaa etsiä nyt kabineteistaIL

On pitkäjänteisten päätösten aikademari

Soinilla liikaa hallitusehtojaKouvolan Sanomat

Suunnanmuutos on kiinni päättäjistä, ei kansastaSuomenmaa