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Saturday, August 3

3rd Aug - Weekender: Linkfest

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Brussels blog round-up for 27 July – 2 AugustEuropp / LSE
Berlusconi’s appeal fails, France keeps up austerity pressure, and greater transparency for the ECB?

Time for EU to work without IMF helpPresseurop
 “Time for Europe to shoulder burden of its own problems” writes the Financial Times in an editorial

The Dutch and the EU: A founding member’s apostasyThe Economist

Charlemagne: Vamos a la playaThe Economist

Inspecting euro-zone banks: Make or break—or fudgeThe Economist

Europe’s banks: Ordeal by slide deckThe Economist

EU Crisis Roadmap: Key Milestones AheadMoneyBeat / WSJ

European Pundits Starting to Give Up on the Eurozonenaked capitalism

Unemployment rate in 2012 by citizenshipDB Research
(it seems this has been removed)

Low levels of trust in political institutionsDB Research
The latest Eurobarometer shows that the citizens of the European crisis countries have very little trust in their political systems and political institutions.

The German election: An unforeseen controversyThe Economist

Secret Thatcher Notes: Kohl Wanted Half of Turks Out of GermanySpiegel
Unsealed confidential British documents reveal that in 1982, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl tried to carry out a radical plan. He wanted to reduce the number of Turks living in Germany by 50 percent within four years.

Kohl Defends Plan to Halve Turkish Population Spiegel
After the discovery of previously unseen documents, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl has confirmed that in 1982, he had a plan to drastically reduce the number of Turks living in Germany. But according to a statement released by his office on Friday, the policy reflected wider debate at the time.

Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECBECB

Has Draghi Missed a Key Opportunity?MoneyBeat / WSJ

Greece should defy the gunboat creditorsThe Telegraph
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: These nations will remain trapped in slump and mass unemployment until they take matters into their own hands, form a debtors cartel, confront the head-on gunboat creditors from a position of strength, and dictate the outcome. But first they have to defenestrate out their own cowed elites.

IMF's Lagarde has no doubts about European debt relief for Greeceekathimerini

Colpevole: Supreme Court had bad news for Berlusconi (and the Italian government)Open Europe

Did the EU instruct Rome to “unplug” Berlusconi?Open Europe

Spain: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2013 Article IV ConsultationIMF
Spain: 2013 Article IV ConsultationIMF
Spain: Selected IssuesIMF
Spain To Suffer At Least 25% Unemployment Until 2018, IMF ForecastsZH

S&P 500 Profit Margins Plunge To Three Year LowsZH

Correlation Collapse Cause For Corrective ConcernZH
Intra-stock correlation of the top 50 market cap names has plunged in the past month…As performance issues have forced some investors into higher beta areas in order to boost outcomes

Citi: "Be Careful Of The Big Con"ZH
Consumer confidence’s worrying pattern.

Structural HumbugKrugman / NYT
Conventional wisdom has clearly swung to the view that our high unemployment is “structural”, not something that could be solved simply by boosting demand.

QE3: the act of doing the same thing and expecting different resultsSober Look

When The "Market" Thinks The Taper Will Begin?ZH
50-50 Dec, early 2014.

The Fed chair needs to be politically independent. On that front, Yellen wins.Wonkblog / WP

Do you trust Larry Summers or Janet Yellen to police Wall Street?Wonkblog / WP

The Fed Contenders: A Reading ListEconomix / NYT

The Race For The (Fed) Throne - An Update On The NomineesZH

Global Outlook: The Power of MoneyBerenberg (pdf)

2013 Pilot External Sector ReportIMF
2013 Pilot External Sector Report - Individual Economy AssessmentsIMF

2013 Spillover ReportIMF
2013 Spillover Report - Analytical Underpinnings and Other BackgroundIMF

A sobering scatter plotSober Look
Non-financial credit growth vs. investment growth across a number of nations. When credit growth significantly outpaces investments into the economy, a nation could be in for a deleveraging period.

How have financial markets reacted to financial-sector reforms after the crisis?
Lax financial-sector regulation was the fulcrum of the Global Crisis and policymakers reacted by introducing sweeping reforms. But has it had any impact? This column reviews evidence from bank stock returns showing that four major reforms in the US and Europe have reduced bailout expectations – especially for systemic banks. The strongest effects were found for the Dodd-Frank Act (especially the Volcker rule); the German restructuring law had little effect.

Who Are Europe’s Hedge Fund Winners? MoneyBeat / WSJ

Hedge funds after SAC: Edge fund The Economist

Fabulous Fab Verdict: Jury Finds Liable For Securities Law ViolationsHuffington
‘Fabulous Fab’ Tourre - why is he the only one paying a price?Wonkblog / WP
Former Trader Is Found Liable In Fraud CaseDealBook / NYT

Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Criminally Charging Its Ex-Programmer?Vanity Fair
A month after ace programmer Sergey Aleynikov left Goldman Sachs, he was arrested. Exactly what he’d done neither the F.B.I., which interrogated him, nor the jury, which convicted him a year later, seemed to understand. But Goldman had accused him of stealing computer code, and the 41-year-old father of three was sentenced to eight years in federal prison. Investigating Aleynikov’s case, Michael Lewis holds a second trial.

US regulators 'find evidence' of banks fixing derivative ratesThe Telegraph
US regulators have reportedly been handed evidence that traders at some of the world’s biggest banks manipulated a key rate for derivatives, pocketing millions at the expense of pension funds in the process.

The legal jujitsu of Goldman SachsFelix Salmon / Reuters

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'The Guardian
XKeyscore gives 'widest-reaching' collection of online data * NSA analysts require no prior authorization for searches * Sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history

Little Wars: How HG Wells created hobby war gamingBBC
It is a century since HG Wells published the first proper set of rules for hobby war games. There's a hardcore of gamers who are still playing by his code.

Pacemakers, Cars, Energy Grids: The Tech That Should Not Be Hackable, IsMinyanville
While laptops and Web services remain the most popular targets for cyber attacks, hackers are gradually turning to life-critical devices and systems.

Humans Are the World's Best Pattern-Recognition Machines, But for How Long?Big Think

Book Bits | 8.3.13The Capital Spectator

Sisäistä sisäinen devalvaatioHenri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro

Rauhanindeksin mukaan kapina syrjäyttää sodanTieto & Trendit
Maailman rauhanindeksin mukaan ihmisten välinen vihanpito ja epäluulo ovat lisääntyneet ja konfliktit ovat yhä useammin valtioiden sisäisiä. Indikaattorin tiedot antavat aihetta pohtia, miten sisäisen rauhan turvaamisen laita on esimerkiksi EU:ssa

Vasemmistolainen ja oikeistolainen politiikka nykyisin – taidan kaivata vanhaa tulonjakotaistelua ja todeta olevani äärioikeistolainen Tyhmyri

Kuka tarvitsee demareita? Talouden Tulkki

Pääkirjoitus 3.8.2013: Snellmanin perintö on murentumassa IL

Vuokrat nousivat 3,6 prosenttia vuodessa Tilastokeskus