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Thursday, August 22

22nd Aug - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Jackson Hole Begins As 10 Year Slouches Toward 3.00% – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
EU daily news – Europa
Daily press summary – Open Europe
  German government seeks to push discussion of third Greek bailout out of election campaign; SPD Chairman: Merkel has already agreed to a debt union via the ECB
Morning MoneyBeat: Fed Minutes Leave Questions Unanswered – WSJ
Morning Bond Update – TradingFloor
Dollar Recovery Extended – Marc to Market

Markit PMIs signal European recoveryTradingFloor
Juhani Huopainen: Markit purchasing manager indices suggest the European recovery is now a fact, but the growing divergence between France and the rest of Europe could hurt the political process toward a federal Europe.

Viewpoint – EUR Liquidity WatchNordea (pdf)
Autonomous factors to play an important role going forward * Fixings turning more volatile * Short EONIAs pricing too aggressive tightening. While liquidity draining has slowed in the Euro zone, fixings and short rates have been more volatile since the repayments of the LTROs started.

Saxo CEO: The doomed euro is good for tradingTradingFloor

Quant Corner: Conviction list on European non-financialsTradingFloor

Contrary to popular opinion, Europe has not seen a sharp rise in far-right support since the start of the crisisEuropp / LSE

Germany finally admits to a third Greek bailout, but what form might it take?Open Europe

ECB downplays third bailout for Greeceeuobserver

Germany’s 2013 elections: ‘Election campaign wrangle over Greek aid’Presseurop

Fed Tapering: ‘The Curtain is Closed and All Questions Remain Open’WSJ

Asia 1997 vs. Asia 2013WSJ
The current rout of Asian currencies is not a repeat of the 1997-98 Asian crisis for a number of reasons.

Järjetön meno jatkuu niin kauan kunnes rahat oikeasti loppuvatTyhmyri

Jyrki Katainen esittää EU:lle direktiivien purkamistalkoitaVerkkouutiset

Valtio velkaantuu huimasti luultua enemmänHS
Valtion tulot ovat romahtamassa tänä vuonna. Jo kertyneiden verotulojen ja loppuvuoden näkymien perusteella valtiovarainministeriö (VM) uskoo, että kuluvan vuoden alijäämä on noin 9 miljardia euroa.

Velka tuhoaa Suomen maineenHS