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Sunday, August 25

25th Aug - Weekender: Linkfest

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Brussels blog round up 17 – 23 AugustEuropp / LSE
Mubarak Released, German elections, and what would Scottish independence mean for Europe?

Berenberg Macro Views: Progress in AthensBerenberg

The IMF's "Containment Strategy" For Europe: Fingers CrossedZH

Eurozone crisis: ‘Euro rescue, bill please!’Presseurop
Handelsblatt complains that Merkel is unwilling to admit the true cost of the eurocrisis to the Germans.

Stepping Up: US Experts Want More Leadership from GermanySpiegel
Germans aren't the only ones with interests at stake in next month's election. The US is watching too -- and Washington is hoping that, once the campaign is history, Germany will show more leadership on global issues.

European bank funding: A long, dry summerThe Economist

Dutch immigration: OverflowThe Economist

The Audacious PragmatistNYT
It took a great recession to change his mind. The recession, prompted by the collapse of the housing bubble that Mr. Bernanke — and most other experts — failed to see coming, ended an era of minimalism in central banking.

Summers vs. Yellen Scorecard: Who’s Supporting Whom?The Big Picture

Why the Fed's bond-buying may not have helped the economyWonkblog / WP

Some expect the political game of chicken to keep the Fed on hold in SeptemberSober Look

The Taper Risk Is In Stocks Not BondsZH

Consumer sentiment in the US has peakedSober Look

Weekend Sentiment Summary (August Week 4)The Short Side of the Long

India's economy: How India got its funkThe Economist

India in trouble: The reckoningThe Economist

FT podcast: World Weekly with Gideon RachmanThe World / FT
Currency jitters in India and emerging markets

Great Graphic: Awaiting China's TransitionMarc to Market
The share of private household consumption in GDP for The US and China since 1970.  The share of consumption has risen in the US and fallen in China.

FX Comment: VIXcious circle Nordea
The tone of the Jackson Hole conference over the weekend? A mix of scepticism toward QE, fear of exit, support for market intervention and capital controls… It’s just more evidence to me that the pendulum is swinging to a cooperative, away from the competitive, solution to the world’s financial order which has dominated since the collapse of Bretton Woods in early 70s.

Barry Ritholtz: How to avoid being a Wall Street muppetWP

The crisis is over. The challenges for central bankers are only beginning.Wonkblog / WP

Missing the point at the IMFmainly macro

Can You Solve A Debt Problem With More Debt?Noahpinion

Factor This Into Your Portfolio (Part 1 of 2)Rick Ferri
Factor This Into Your Portfolio (Part 2 of 2)Rick Ferri

Imperfect ViewsMorningstar
Investment graphics don't always mean what they seem.

Great Graphic: S&P 500 and Emerging Market Equities Constructive OutlookMarc to Market

Up Against Hard Limits: Food and Financeof two minds
We are reaching hard limits in food production and financial engineering.

Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds Of 2013 ZH

30 year fixed rate mortgages are awesomeNoahpinion

Where have all the cowboys come from?alphaville / FT
…here we are with a plethora of scandals and misdeeds. Why do so many in the industry lose their way?

What is shadow banking?
There is much confusion about what shadow banking is and why it might create systemic risks. This column presents shadow banking as ‘all financial activities, except traditional banking, which require a private or public backstop to operate’. The idea that shadow banking is something that needs a backstop changes how we think about regulation. Although it won’t be easy, regulation is possible.

Blogs review: The intellectual legacy of Milton FriedmanBruegel
What started as a series of post by David Glasner on the legacy of Milton Friedman turned into a major dispute after Paul Krugman wrote that “historians of economic thought will regard him as little more than an extended footnote”. Although it quickly appeared that the statement did not apply to Friedman, the economist, but to Friedman, the guiding light for conservative economic policies (see for example his influential Free to Choose TV series), the discussion continued as to whether the Great Recession had given a serious hit to Friedman’s economic analysis.

Jackson Hole 2013 – A high unemployment equilibrium?Money Supply / FT

Welcome to Jackson HoleWSJ

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium AgendaCalculated Risk

The "Optimal QE Exit" Sequence Proposed At Jackson HoleZH

35 Years of Jackson Hole Briefing PapersThe Big Picture

Jackson Hole Presenter Warns: "Bottom Could Fall Out Of The Economy As It Did In The Great Depression"ZH

The ‘Elephant in the Room at Jackson HoleWSJ

Central banks must get uysed to pulling a new set of policy levers.

Central bankers: The apprenticesThe Economist

IMF’s Lagarde: Unconventional Monetary Policies A Clear SuccessWSJ 

Brian Cox on What Earthly Phenomena Reveal about the Wonders of the Solar Systembrain pickings

Inside one of the world’s biggest news organizationsBBC
Bloomberg’s New York office.

Timeline MapsChartporn

Meet The Dread Pirate Roberts, The Man Behind Booming Black Market Drug Website Silk RoadForbes

Rise of the bullshit jobMacrobusiness

On "bullshit jobs" Free exchange / The Economist

Horror of North Korean prison camps exposed at U.N. panel hearingReuters
Public executions and torture are daily occurrences in North Korea's prisons, according to dramatic testimony from former inmates at a U.N. Commission of Inquiry that opened in South Korea's capital on Tuesday.

Happiness is good for you shockalphaville / FT

Tähän mennessä siis edustuskuluja on saanut vähentää verotuksessa. Toisinpäin tämä tarkoittaa, että me kaikki veronmaksajat olemme yhteisestä kassasta subventoineet yrityspomojen rälläämistä noin 37 miljoonalla eurolla vuodessa.

Katainen: Ensi viikolla ei päätöksiä uusista leikkauksistaYLE
Soini: Hallitukseen on pakko päästäTS

Yli 60 prosenttia suomalaisista haluaa ruotsin kielen vapaavalintaiseksi kouluaineeksiYLE

Etujärjestöt ja tutkijat etsivät pääministerin johdolla viisastenkiveäYLE
Heureka-foorumissa yritetään maanantaina saada aikaan yhteinen näkemys Suomen talous- ja työllisyystilanteesta.