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Tuesday, August 13

13th Aug - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Futures Push Higher Ahead Of Key Retail Sales Print – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
Daily press summaryOpen Europe
  Only 17% of Germans think the worst of eurozone crisis is over; SPD accuses Merkel of lying about the need for additional aid for Greece

Morning MoneyBeat: Rally’s Persistence Continues to Impress – WSJ
Morning Bond Update: High flying for high yields – TradingFloor
Dollar Pulled Higher by Yen, but Pushed Lower by EuropeMarc to Market

Blogs review: The renationalization of European financeBruegel
The financial crisis brought the era of rapid financial globalization to a halt. While qualitatively similar than for the rest of the world, this retrenchment has been quantitatively larger and more persistent for Europe, where the dislocation is still affecting the very short-term euro are money markets. Interestingly a similar pattern of regional financial fragmentation also took place in the recovery from the Great Depression in the US.

Merkel accused of 'lying' over new Greek bailouteuobserver
German opposition parties have piled pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel after the country's central bank claimed that Greece would need a further loosening of the terms of its rescue package.

Greek exposure to Cyprus: the unintended consequences of restructuringBruegel

ECB: No one is 'safe' from euro crisiseuobserver
A new report by the ECB says that even "safe haven" countries are prone to financial shocks from the euro crisis.

Who’s in Team Carney?WSJ
BoE Governor Carney ushered in a new era at Britain’s central bank last week with a pledge to keep interest rates at record lows until unemployment falls significantly. Investors will find out this week how successful he was in winning over colleagues who have sounded skeptical of such “forward guidance” in the past.

Industrial production up by 0.7% in euro area – Eurostat
Euro zone industry output back into growth in June – Reuters
Euro-Area Industrial Production Expands Less Than Estimated – BB
German Investor Confidence Rises as Euro Area Resumes Growth – BB
German investor morale brightens as euro zone picks up – Reuters

BOJ Minutes Raise Debt ConcernsWSJ
The minutes of the BoJ policy-board meeting show that the central bank wants to make sure it isn’t bailing out a spendthrift government.

Koko kaupan myynti laski kesäkuussa 5,0% YoYTilastokeskus

Juhana Vartiainen: Suomalaisten taloushuolia kuunnellessa huomaa, että monet ajattelevat talousvaikeuksiemme johtuvan eurojäsenyydestä. Samaan ajatuskulkuun kuuluu Ruotsin talouden vahvuuden selittäminen maan omalla kruunulla. Tällainen ”kruunukateus” ei havaintojeni mukaan ole päätöksentekijöiden ja eliitin parissa kovin yleistä, mutta kansalaisten kysymyksissä ja median keskustelupalstoilla se elää vahvana.

Juhana Vartiainen puhuu puppua Ruotsista ja rahapolitiikan merkityksestä – ilmeisesti määrättynäTyhmyri