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Friday, December 13

13th Dec - Fears of taper while ECB doubted

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Ukip won the argument on Europe and in EuropeThe Telegraph
The risk for Europe is not that monetary union blows up, but rather that they manage to keep it going for a long time yet on unworkable foundations, doing ever greater damage.

The Eurozone: If only it were the
The legacy of public debt resulting from the crisis in the Eurozone is a serious threat. Both the size of the problem and the options to address it make life much more difficult for policymakers than was the case in the late 1930s after the collapse of the gold standard. For some countries, a ‘subservient’ central bank might be preferable to the ECB.

The euro should either be made growth and employment friendly as fast as possible, or it should be dismantledEuropp / LSE
Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides was once a passionate believer in the benefits of European monetary union. In light of the damaging effects of the Eurozone crisis, he now writes that the euro requires urgent reforms to restore its credibility. He argues that the single currency should either be dismantled in an orderly way, or the direction of economic policy should be altered substantially to promote growth and employment.

Message to the Euro: You’re Flying Too HighWSJ
Like a tired, broken record, the euro exchange rate again highlights the impotence of a monetary structure that saddles the euro zone with short-sighted deflationary policies when central banks everywhere else have been pulling out all stops to reflate their economies.

Continued financial fragmentation will put ECB on the hookBruegel
Insufficient agreement on the banking union next week may force the ECB to engage in non-standard monetary policy measures to fulfill its mandate

Slovenia remains vulnerableThe Economist
The results of the stress tests were revealed. Both the Slovenian government and European authorities believe that they mean yet another bail-out can be avoided, but their confidence may prove premature.

Fed Scorecard: Where Do Officials Stand on Tapering?WSJ
Fed officials haven’t sent a clear signal of what they are likely to do. The critics of the program remain eager to start winding it down, while the supporters generally have been noncommittal about what they want to do at the meeting.

Taper Or No Taper - What The FOMC Has Really SaidZH
Deutsche believes there is a chance that the Fed’s institutional biases lead it to taper earlier then the economic data might suggest is optimal. Whilst Yellen may be able to push against some of these biases, 2014 will still see a tightrope balancing act at the Fed as economics and institution bias battle it out and increasing noise is made for forward guidance to replace QE as the main tool of monetary policy activism.

Confusion Over The Fed's [December|January|March] TaperZH

Estimates ranging from FOMC’s Dec. 17-18 meeting in Washington to Jan. or March, based on published research.

U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate on Trend?MacroMania

Friday banks chart, Italian-American editionalphaville / FT
It turns out that once you include the debt of the quasi-governmental agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the US banks actually have a higher proportion of their assets in governmental debt than Italy and Spain… risk lies in the failure of the AQR and EBA to effectively identify weak banks; this would subsequently challenge the credibility of the entire process.

Citi Unveils The 12 Charts Of ChristmasZH

Global House Price Index Surges To Record HighZH

Irlannin velkasaneeraus yhä varsin todennäköinen muista puheista huolimattaTyhmyri