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Sunday, December 22

22nd Dec - Weekender: Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week. Last week's 'Support' here.

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Friday Close
Market Prices – Global Macro Monitor
US: Bonds' Best Day In 8 Months As Stocks Close At Record Highs – ZH
Weekly Scoreboard – Between The Hedges

The Weekenderbeyondbrics / FT

Succinct summation of week’s eventsThe Big Picture

Schedule for WeekCalculated Risk

Economic CalendarBerenberg
Latvia joins the euro: growing club * Global manufacturing PMIs: solid growth * ECB monetary data: credit-less recovery

Economic CalendarHandelsbanken

UK Next Week's Agenda and Wrap UpHandelsbanken

Wall Street Week Ahead Reuters
With Fed out of the way, what's next on Wall Street?

Weighing the Week Ahead: Lessons from 2013 A Dash of Insight

Key events in the week ahead by Goldman Sachs – ZH

Weekly Focus: 2014: Stronger recovery, low inflation and low rates Danske Bank
Europe: manufacturing PMI, monetary developments US:ISM manufacturing, inflation and housing Japan: inflation to hit the highest since 1998

Global Update - Happy New Year 2014 Nordea
The world economy looks set to get a good beginning to the New Year. Confidence indicators from the major countries have been quite extraordinarily strong recently, and the US economy seems heading in the direction of a self-sustaining recovery.

Strategy: Fed tapering kicked off – what’s next?Danske Bank
We take a look at the key drivers in 2014 and our expectations across assets. Stronger recovery, low inflation, low rates for very long and diverging monetary policy will shape markets in 2014.

Nordic Outlook December 2013Danske Bank

FI Eye-Opener: Happy Holidays – Nordea

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank
Primary market activity slowed significantly with year-end approaching. Fed tapering decision turned out to be dovish! EBA transparency exercise confirms that Nordic banks are strongly capitalized.

Euro Rates Update – Nordea

FX Outlook Marc to Market
The lack of participation in the global capital markets, in general, and the foreign exchange market, in particular, can make for erratic price action punctuating an eerie calm.

FX Forecast Update DecemberDanske Bank
ECB deposit cut to weigh on EUR in 2014

EMEA WeeklyDanske Bank
Corruption scandals unnerve the Turkish markets

Emerging Markets Briefer - December 2013 Danske Bank
Further monetary policy divergence in 2014

EM FX: Modest taper reactionNordea

EM Preview: The Week Ahead – Marc to Market

EM Week Ahead – beyondbrics / FT

Economic Calendar –
Economic Calendar – BB
EU calendar –

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