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Friday, December 27

27th Dec - Crazy FX

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Turkish Political Crisis Deepens: Ministers Quit, Prime Minister Urged To ResignZH
Turkey's political stability in question; yield breaches 10% - Sober Look

Britain 'will become biggest economy in Europe'The Telegraph
A global forecast shows Britain will become the most successful economy in the West after the United States over the next fifteen years

Mohamed El-Erian: Fed wins battle of the exit – for now – FT

US credit risk appetite hits euphoria Sober Look
As monetary conditions in the US begin to tighten and interest rates rise, credit spread compression has to slow or reverse. The current trend is simply not sustainable.

Briefing: Rising US Interest RatesCapital Spectator

Pettis on Debt, Malinvestments, Hidden Losses, and China's GDPMish’s
If China is able to impose an orderly adjustment quickly, its GDP growth rate will slow substantially for several years.

The unintended consequences of AbenomicsSober Look
Japan continues to struggle in its endeavor to generate demand-driven inflation. To a large extent price increases have been the result of costlier imports due to weaker yen, particularly items related to food and energy. Outside of those sectors, prices remain soft.

Fastest Japan Inflation Since ’08 Stokes Wage PressureBB

BOJ Beat: Kuroda Sees “Golden Opportunity” to Escape DeflationWSJ
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda said Wednesday that recent broad improvements in the economy have created a "golden opportunity" for the country to escape years of deflation.

BOJ Beat: Depth of Apparent BOJ Board Split Worth WatchingWSJ
At their November meeting, the board members were divided over the interpretation of a third-quarter slowdown

Ex-Government Official Says Japan Has Three Hurdles to End DeflationWSJ
Jun Saito, a former chief economist at the Cabinet office, says it's wrong to focus solely on the consumer price index to judge whether deflation is safely out of the way.

Three Developments to NoteMarc to Market
Chinese officials do not want banks to rely on short-term credits to finance higher risk long-term ventures * US reported a much stronger than expected rise in durable goods orders * Political crisis has escalated in Turkey.

Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Some Lessons Learned and Those ForgottenIMF
The current phase of the official policy approach is predicated on the assumption that debt sustainability can be achieved through a mix of austerity, forbearance and growth. The claim is that advanced countries do not need to resort to the standard toolkit of emerging markets, including debt restructurings and conversions, higher inflation, capital controls and other forms of financial repression. As we document, this claim is at odds with the historical track record of most advanced economies, where debt restructuring or conversions, financial Repression, and a tolerance for higher inflation, or a combination of these were an integral part of the resolution of significant past debt overhangs.

10 Terms Investment Pros Use to Raise MoneyThe Big Picture

Greatest Hits of 2013Epicurean Dealmaker

A market long in the tooth and a trader who's seen brighter daysTradingFloor
The beauty of Christmas and the New Year is the ability to step back, rest, rejuvenate and come back strong and full of vigour in 2014. It’s been a tough year, but by no stretch anything that should or could kill you.

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