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Tuesday, December 17

17th Dec - Need TP for my liquidity hole

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EU Banks Shed $1.1 Trillion in Assets as Debt Rules BiteBB
Lenders reduced assets weighted for risk by 817 billion euros ($1.1 trillion) between December 2011 and June 2013, the European Banking Authority, the bloc’s top banking regulator, said in a report. From EBA: EU-wide transparency exercise and Risk dashboard.

A few surprises as the new German cabinet takes formOpen Europe
Over the weekend, following the 'yes' vote among the SPD membership, the composition of the new German cabinet was announced – almost 3 months after the election.

Each stage of the euro crisis has increased the risks Germany facesThe Independent
Satyajit Das: The German-led strategy shows little progress and is unlikely to resolve the crisis

British inflation in six chartsMoney Supply / FT

ECB's Draghi worried by euro zone bank resolution planReuters
Latest plans to wind up failing euro zone banks may be overly complicated and inadequately funded, Draghi said on Monday.

ECB executive board candidatesDanske Bank
The ECB needs a successor for executive board member following Jöerg Asmussen’s departure. Among the top candidates are the Bundesbank’s vice president, Sabine Lautenschläger, president of the Halle Institute for Economic Research, Claudia Maria Buch and president of BaFin (the German financial supervisory authority), Elke König.

US Dollar Risks And The Four Fed SurprisesZH
From the odds of a taper to adjusting forecasts and from forward-guidance communication to the chances of a cut in the IOER, the FOMC meeting in the week ahead presents upside and downside risks to the dollar in the near term; even if UBS believes the longer-term will see USD strength against both the EUR and JPY.

The Fed might taper this week - everything you need to knowWaPo

Will the Fed taper tomorrow or wait until March?TradingFloor
The Fed announces on Wednesday if the economic data merits a tapering of the monthly bond purchases. Odds of Santa-taper have increased, according to the latest polls. But does it really matter whether the taper comes now or in three months?

Do Investors Know Something the Markets Don’tWSJ
Curiously, it appears that many investors do not share analysts’ expectations for a move just yet.

US deflation to again top FOMC agendaTradingFloor
With US Congress scheduled to perform Act II of its 'how to disrupt the US economy' charade in January, investment, employment and consumer confidence will once again suffer.

Nasty hangover for tech's ‘Fat Five’TradingFloor
A small group of technology stocks trade at a huge premium of about 700 percent above market valuation, almost defying the 'Newtonian laws' of financial markets. These stocks are what we call the 'Fat Five' of the technology sector.

Soviet-style economy makes a comebackTradingFloor
In 2014, deflation and a lack of growth will create panic among policymakers, leading the EU Commission to table a working group that will focus on different wealth taxes and herald a return to a Soviet-style economy.

Brent crude to drop to USD 80/barrelTradingFloor
With non-Opec supply expected to rise by more than 1.5 million barrels per day and the potential for another two million arising as disruptions in Libya and sanctions against Iran ease, the global market will become awash with oil.

CAC 40 drops 40% on French malaiseTradingFloor
Housing prices in France finally make like their Dutch counterparts did in 2012 and execute a swan dive, pummelling consumption and confidence, while the CAC 40 falls by more than 40 percent as investors head for the exits.

Emerging Markets Briefer - December 2013 Danske Bank
The picture is not the same for all countries in the world – and hence not the same for all central banks in the world. Hence, we are likely to see further monetary policy divergence in 2014 and this is likely to have significant implications for the global currency markets. 2014 will again be a year where the major currencies cross trade on relative monetary policy more than anything else.

Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted?NYBooks

Tools Help Investors Wade Through All the Chatter on TwitterWSJ
They filter tweets and help investors draw conclusions about where the market is headed

Suomi elpyy rakenteellisten ongelmien varjossaHandelsbanken
Talouden elpyminen on ulkoisen kysynnän varassa, sillä yksityisestä kulutuksesta tai investoinneista ei ole kasvun ajuriksi, ja kireä finanssipolitiikka jatkuu. Ulkoisen kysynnän näkymät ovat kirkastumassa, mutta rakenteelliset ongelmat rajoittavat talouden kasvuvauhtia tulevina vuosina.

Suhdannekatsaus joulukuu 2013Danske Bank
"Näköpiirissä ei ole samanlaista kasvupyrähdystä kuin laman jälkeen 1990-luvulla" – TE
Suomen talous ponnistaa taantumasta vaivalloisesti – HS
Suomen talouden korpivaellus jatkuu – AP
Näkemys talouskasvusta synkkeni – TalSa