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Tuesday, December 24

24th Dec - Eve Online

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The New EU Bank Reform Raises Risks To EU, Euro, Everyone – 14 ReasonsFX Empire

Interview with Peter PraetECB
Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, and La Stampa, 22 December 2013: “those dreaming of the world before the euro, tend to forget what it really was, before.”

Italy's rage against Europe is not justifiedThe Guardian
Italians are unfairly blaming the EU for their ills – their country's problems started well before the introduction of the euro

Stocks "Euphoric" For 6th Straight WeekZH
While Citi's earnings-yield gap model indicates stocks are over-valued currently, their proprietary panic/euphoria model has now been in "euphoria" mode for six straight weeks.

Are US Fiscal Issues Really Over?ZH
First, a rapid pace of deficit reduction carries economic costs. Second, a clear resolution of the nation’s long-term fiscal challenges is still lacking. Finally, the political process for implementing sustainable fiscal adjustments has become more uncertain.

What Would It Take for Fed to Pause Its Cuts to Bond Purchases?WSJ
The bad-news hurdle for a halt to ‘tapering’ has probably been set quite high

Bernanke Stole Yellen's Thunder, Condemns Fed to Weak LeadershipMarc to Market
I remain concerned about the longer-term cost of the Fed's action.  In particular, it undercuts the ability of Janet Yellen to provide strong Fed leadership at a particularly important moment for the country and for the Federal Reserve itself. 

Fed’s Fisher Would Prefer $20 Billion Taper IncrementsWSJ
Dallas Fed President Fisher, who next year will gain a voting slot on the Federal Open Market Committee, said he would have voted with the majority on last week's tapering decision.

November Durable Goods Jump, Driven By Abnormal Seasonal Adjustments – ZH
November Durable Goods Report Bounce Back – dshort

The "Real" Goods on the Latest Durable Goods Data – dshort
China Money Rates Surge as Banks Struggle to Meet DemandBB
China’s benchmark money-market rate climbed for a seventh day and interest-rate swaps increased as banks hoarded cash to meet year-end regulatory requirements.

Spot When The Fed TaperedZH
Since both the US and China appears to have launched their tapering together, the question is what will break to force China to pull back, since for the Fed it is all roses.

Hello 2014: China’s slower growth is cause for optimismbeyondbrics / FT
This year marked a significant shift in the mindset of
China’s Communist Party. Oft-repeated promises to carve out a more sustainable development path finally translated into action

Chinese Stocks Are On The EdgeZH

China's Liquidity Crisis Worsens As Fed Vs PBOC "Taper" Wars EscalateZH

The world economy regains its old footing in 2014BNP Paribas

The markets of holidays past: a 10-year study of USD chartsTradingFloor
A quick visual inspection of the holiday trading periods of the past 10 years for EURUSD and USDJPY and how the New Year kicked off in each instance. Some of the findings are surprising.

USDJPY has some fire in its belly — how high can it go in 2014?TradingFloor
USDJPY has been in a very strong uptrend since Q4 2012 and, after a brief pause this summer, is now on a strong bullish move again. Several indicators point to higher levels in 2014.

BofAML: Euro Bears Should Be SalivatingZH

Central Bank Chiefs to Weigh Debt Rule Changes Amid Bank OutcryBB

Ten Economic Questions for 2014Calculated Risk

The Goals of Traders and Investors Are Light-Years ApartNYT

Secret Handshakes Greet Frat Brothers on Wall StreetBB

Eurosta syytä keskustellaEero Heinäluoma / MTV
Valuuttakursseilla on vaikutuksensa talouteen ja vientimenestykseen.  Suomessa ja Euroopassa laajemminkin on aihetta keskustella Euroopan Keskuspankin roolista talouskasvun tukijana.  

Kasvu vaatii ihmettäRisto Pennanen / TalSa
Itämaan tietäjät ennustavat ensi vuodelle talouskasvua, mutta sen toteutuminen vaatisi neitseellisen syntymisen kaltaista ihmettä.

Puheenaihe: Entä jos mikään ei kiinnosta nuorta?AL
Kaikkia nuoria ei yksinkertaisesti kiinnosta koulunkäynti tai töiden tekeminen. Miten nämä nuoret saataisiin aktivoitua?