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Sunday, December 22

22nd Dec - Weekender: Off-Topic

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North Korea’s Urge to PurgeProject Syndicate

Flights of fancy: Inside the intense world of virtual pilotsWaPo

CIA’s former ‘chief of disguise’ has a new holiday job: ‘Kids’ Gift Detective’ for TargetWaPo
Before he was a spy, ‘Argo’s’ Tony Mendez was an artist. He still is.WaPo

Friendly Fire: How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel and the EUSpiegel
Documents from the archive of whistleblower and former NSA worker Edward Snowden show that Britain's GCHQ signals intelligence agency has targeted European, German and Israeli politicians for surveillance.

The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on AndroidThe Atlantic
Google was building a secret mobile product to fend off chief rival Microsoft. Then Apple announced the iPhone, and everything changed.

Google’s Robot ArmyThe New Yorker
Andy Rubin, the former head of Android, would lead an “effort to create a new generation of robots.” Over the weekend, Google revealed how sweeping its ambitions truly are.

Oculus Primed: Meet the Geniuses Who Finally Mastered Virtual RealityWired

Darpa’s Robotic Gladiators Will Battle on This Disaster CourseWired
Robotics Challenge: Creating the Disaster Response of the FutureSpiegel
Seventeen rescue robots are competing in Florida this weekend, where their task is to clear away debris, break through walls and climb ladders -- a test run for their use in future disaster scenarios. But the humanoid figures are still a little shaky on their feet.

This Game Industry Pioneer Never Gave Up on the Video ArcadeWired
Designer of pinball machines and creator of the arcade hit Defender is still doing it.

Placebo-philes Anxious Machine

Glitch in the AfterlifeBoing Boing
Stewart Butterfield tells how a few million dollars worth of art, created for a beloved massively-multiplayer game, ended up in the public domain after its death.

Into the Bitcoin MinesNYT
On the flat lava plain of Reykjanesbaer, Iceland, near the Arctic Circle, you can find the mines of Bitcoin.

Drugs Will Kill Your FriendsThe Atlantic
Comedian Rob Delaney reflects on his time in rehab.

What Anesthesia Can Teach Us About ConsciousnessNYT

The Master of the Murder CastleHarper’s
A classic of Chicago crime

Relive the first tech bubble with Monopoly: The .com EditionQuartz

Best of Book Bits 2013 (Part I)The Capital Spectator

New York Times Business Best Sellers ListMarket Folly

A Few Favorite Books from 2013Marginal Revolution

The Selling of Attention Deficit DisorderNYT
The Number of Diagnoses Soared Amid a 20-Year Drug Marketing Campaign

In No One We Trust Joseph Stiglitz / NYT
We do not measure trust in our national income accounts, but investments in trust are no less important than those in human capital or machines.

We are the freak showMoney Illusion

Words That Finance Has Changed The Meaning of ForeverMacro Man

Your Environment Matters If You Want To Make Better DecisionsFarnam Street

The Economics of Selling OutPriceonomics
It’s hard to stand out from a crowd by being the same as everyone else. But once the crowd knows you, average is good. That’s true whether you’re an aspiring Senator or an aspiring musician, and that’s why we complain about sellouts so bitterly and so often.

8 Things The World’s Most Successful People All Have In CommonBakadesuyo

How I Got Hooked on E-Cigs Hints at $2.3 Trillion MarketBB

What Porn Stars Do When The Porn Industry Shuts DownForbes

Farnam Street’s top hits from 2013Farnam Street

Take This Town and Shove ItPolitico
A White House reporter’s tale of sex, booze and the briefing room.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling AnythingJames Altucher / Techcrunch