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Saturday, February 15

15th Feb - W/E: Chris Pavlou, Forex veteran

In the nineties I visited HSBC's trading floor in London, and shook hands with the boss. Only later did I realize that the man was a legend.

Chris Pavlou worked for Barclay's for more than 20 years as Deputy Chief Manager in London as well as for HSBC as Senior Vice President of Foreign Exchange and Money Markets for North America and Chief Treasury Manager of the bank. He later took on complete responsibility for all the treasury centres across Asia before being posted to Tokyo as Treasurer of HSBC Midland to turnaround the bank's fortunes. Chris was a consultant and member of Laiki Bank Board in Europe as well as an adviser to the Chairman. Chris Pavlou is now Chairman at TFI Markets and a familiar name in the international currency trading market.


Chris Pavlou at Barclay's - from 1985 BBC documentary "Billion dollar day".


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