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Monday, February 24

24th Feb - EZ-dataweek, Ukraine questionmark

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Blogs review: Freedom of movement in EuropeBruegel
From January 2014, full freedom of movement – the right to move, reside and work freely in any EU country– applies to citizens of Bulgaria and Romania. This has not been universally welcomed.

Galileo Galilei and the €-crisisMoney Matters
First, the forecasts about the outcome of the crisis were only changed when progress in dealing with it became so obvious that it could not be ignored any more; second, the wrong forecast of many observers derived from the fog created by the brinkmanship approach in dealing with the crisis.

Are Austria’s Banks in for a Rough Ride from Emerging Markets?WSJ

Ukraine: Geo-political risks increase – Danske Bank
Ukraine Interim Leader Warns of Economic Danger – BB
Rally in Ukrainian bonds: is it justified? – beoyonbrics / FT
Is Ukraine’s Investor Euphoria Overdone? – WSJ
Ukraine Bond Rally Seen Tied to New Aid Amid Default Concern – BB

Europe cannot afford to ignore its deflation problemFT
Wolfgang Münchau: The ECB sees the evidence but its economic models ignore financial markets

ECB faces severest stress testReuters
Hugo Dixon: There could be a conflict between what is good for individual banks and what is good for the macro economy. Managing the conflict will require considerable judgment. That’s why the bank that will be undergoing the severest test in the coming months is the central bank itself.

Draghi: ECB Prepared to Add Stimulus on Deflation Risks – BB
Draghi’s Data Jigsaw Takes Shape as ECB Readies Showdown – BB
Euro Inflation Research #1: How the ECB makes its inflation projections – Danske Bank

German Ifo: Don’t be fooled by lower expectations – TradingFloor
En route for a gold medal? – Merkelnomics
Germany: Another strong ifo report – Nordea
German business morale reaches highest level in two and a half years – Reuters
European Inflation Has Biggest Monthly Drop On Record – ZH
Yellen Seeking New Low-Rate Guidance Can Turn to Fed Forecasts BB
One option policy makers discussed last month is to rely instead on their forecasts for inflation, unemployment, growth and the benchmark interest rate -- known as the Summary of Economic Projections -- as a way to signal their policy intentions.

Fed Talks A Garbled Pinocchio TheoryEconmatters

Housing Weakness: Temporary or Enduring?Calculated Risk
The housing weakness should be temporary. There should be more inventory this year, price increases should slow, and sales volumes increase.

Citi Warns "Housing Sentiment Got Carried Away"ZH

US Services PMI Slumps To Weakest In 4 Months – ZH

Kuroda, here be expectationsalphaville / FT
That shows 94 per cent of analyst from Bloomberg’s monthly survey expecting more QE from the BoJ, be it this quarter or not. There’s “priced in” and then there’s maybe over-priced in…

BOJ can wait to decide if more easing steps needed, Abe aideReuters

Japanese inflation isn't as high as you thinkNoahpinion

China's home price rises ease for first time in 14 monthsReuters

New Financial ForecastsNordea
Or summary here.

Introduction to Technical AnalysisSaxo Bank
A 40 minutes Webinar that introduce you to Technical Analysis.
What is Technical Analysis and why use it? * Candlesticks and candlestick patterns * Dow Trend Theory * Gaps * Traditional Technical Patterns - Triangles, Wedges, tops

Introduction to Technical Analysis IISaxo Bank
Volume * Simple Moving Average * Relative Strength Index (RSI) * Bollinger bands * How to use them for trading, trends, support and warning signals

Book Review: In Bed with Wall StreetCFA Institute
According to author Larry Doyle, the financial crisis of 2008–2009 was a failure of regulation and oversight, and he contends that the leaders of major institutions escaped retribution for irresponsible practices that helped cause the crisis. He calls for enhanced accountability and effectiveness in the regulatory arena.

Daniel Kahneman, in conversation with Cass SunsteinThe Big Picture

Kaksikätisen ekonomistin kuolemaAkateeminen Talousblogi
Ei ole ihan ilmeistä kaipaako hallitus oikeasti ekonomistien neuvoja vai haetaanko talousviisaita [sic] kuulemalla legimiteettiä aikaisemmista päätöksistä lipsumiseen.

Miksi Ruotsilla menee niin hyvin ja meillä niin huonosti? (1/2)Soininvaara
Ruotsissakin väki vanhenee, mutta ei yhtä dramaattisesti kuin Suomessa.