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Monday, December 29

29th Dec - Greece gets an early election

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The euro’s first inkling – a piece in lieu of Best Wishes for 2015Yanis Varoufakis
“A suitable extract from my next book.”

The Eurozone ScandalSimon Wrey-Lewis
Output could be at least 1% higher across the Eurozone with no ill effects. This is the equivalent of the entire EU budget going up in smoke

Yet another year of asymmetrical monetary policy – revisiting the Weidmann ruleLars Christensen

Greece In Turmoil After Third Failed Presidential Vote Means January 25 Snap Elections – ZH
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Danske DailyDanske Bank

Prospect of Greek Election Weighs on European Asset MarketsMarc to Market

Daily Shot: Back in the USSR?
Russia's currency has fallen sharply and its reserves are at their lowest levels since 2009. Now, according to speculation, the country's parliament may even be re-visiting the legality of the USSR's break-up. Meanwhile, inflation in Japan continues to fall as the Shanghai Composite posts enormous gains.

Greek Assets Tumble, Global Santa Rally Briefly Halted As Renewed Threat Of Grexit Looms

FX UpdateTradingFloor
SEK traders mull Sweden’s “December Agreement” to avoid snap elections and the potential for EU contagion from the Greek parliament possibly failing to approve the new president today.

Six Issues for the Last Week of 2014Marc to Market


Correlations to Break Down in 2015WSJ

Saudi Arabia Said to Plan Stock Market Opening in AprilBB
Saudi Arabia is seeking to open its $509 billion stock exchange to foreign investors in April… The world’s biggest oil exporter is removing barriers to one of the world’s most-restricted major stock exchanges as it pursues a $130 billion spending plan to boost non-energy industries.

Kreikka kriisiin uusissa asetelmissaRoger Wessman

Kreikka aloittii prosessin, jonka lopuksi se jättää velkansa maksamattaProfessorin ajatuksia

Soini: ”Talouden ja teollisuuden kilpailukyky on tuhottu – äänestäjiä huijataan rahastoilla”PS

Portugalin ja Suomen eläkeläisetProfessorin ajatuksia