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Wednesday, December 31

31st Dec - More QE-talk from ECB

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Putin Goes Medieval on the Russian OppositionView / BB
Putin presents himself as a war leader, and the hostage-taking of Navalny's brother is an act of war in keeping with the rules outlined in the Kremlin's new military doctrine, which lists internal dissent as a "military danger".

Greek Polling Points to Coalition as Voters Reject SystemBB
Greek polling data suggest neither Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy nor the main opposition Syriza party will win an outright majority in next month’s election, meaning coalition negotiations or even a repeat vote will be needed.

Euro zone no longer obliged to rescue Greece, Merkel ally saysReuters
Euro zone politicians are not obliged to rescue Greece as the country is no longer of systemic importance to the single currency bloc, a senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party was quoted as saying.

Europe is now on course for a showdown between Alexis Tsipras and Wolfgang Schäuble over Greek debtEuropp / LSE

How Scary Can Greece Get?View / BB
Greeks themselves knew all along that the euro crisis wasn't over…most of the money that fled at the start of the emergency never came back.

ECB's Draghi says euro zone must 'complete' monetary unionReuters
Draghi said structural reforms were needed to "ensure that each country is better off permanently belonging to the euro area". He said the lack of reforms "raises the threat of an exit (from the euro) whose consequences would ultimately hit all members"

Praet Warning of Oil Effects Signals Higher Chance of ECB QEBB
ECB Chief Economist Peter Praet warned that lower oil prices increasingly risk de-anchoring inflation expectations, indicating that quantitative easing is becoming more likely.

ECB Gears Up For Quantitative EasingWSJ
Mr. Praet made it clear that the ECB is determined to buy sovereign bonds in an effort to boost liquidity in the single currency region.

5 Questions on the U.S. Economy for 2014, RevisitedWSJ

China Needs Its Lehman MomentView / BB
The travails of Abenomics should be a warning to President Xi Jinping of China, whose nation increasingly seems at risk of a Japan-like lost decade. Although speculation has focused on the "why" and the "how" of the Japanization of China's economy, the year ahead will provide clues to the question of "when."

Dollar Slips at end of YearMarc to Market

Futures Up In Light Volume On Renewed ECB QE Hopes As Crude Slides Again

Saudi King Abdullah Hospitalization Sends Stocks Tumbling But It's Oil That Is Suddenly Paying AttentionZH

The Last Kings: Succession in the Persian GulfBB
The world has only a handful of old-fashioned kings, the kind whose subjects must follow their every command.

2014 fades to a black, oily GreeceTradingFloor

Olli Ainola: Tämän vuoden häikäilemättömin juoniIL
Jyrki Katainen junttasi itsensä rumasti komissaariksi, kirjoittaa Olli Ainola.

Näkökulma: Ollako vai eikö olla EU:ssa - YLE
Arviot Suomen 20-vuotisesta EU-taipaleesta pääsevät valloilleen, kunhan juhlaviikot ovat ohi ja vaalikoneet käynnistyvät. EU-kriittisyydestä on tullut eurooppalainen muoti-ilmiö eurokriisin puhjettua, EU-erikoistoimittaja Susanna Turunen kirjoittaa näkökulmassaan.
Risto Pennanen: Kaikille bisnesenkelin titteliTalSa
Veronmaksajien rahoja kaivataan hankkeisiin, joita kukaan järkevä pankkiiri ei rahoita.

Putinin KGB-ajan salaiset DDR-dokumentit julkiVerkkouutiset

"Venäjän vastenmielisin" syyttäjä USA:n pakotelistalleVerkkouutiset

Irlanti, työpaikat ja asuntomarkkinat – puheet talouden toipumisesta selvästi liioiteltujaTyhmyri

Vuoden luetuimmatRoger Wessman