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Thursday, January 15

15th Jan - Swiss abandon the 1.20-peg

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Euro area outlook for 2015: ECB will buy government bondsDanske Bank

Northern Lights - Uncharted territoryNordea
The need for further stimuli is on top of the agenda. In Norway further cuts seems like a done deal, whilst the Swedish case is less clear cut. The Finnish economy continues to exhibit broad based weakness and would welcome further stimuli from the ECB.

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Quantitative easing in the Eurozone: It's possible without fiscal transfersvoxeu
Paul De Grauwe, Yuemei Ji: The ECB has been struggling to implement a programme of quantitative easing (QE) that would successfully target deflation. The main difficulty is political, stemming from opposition from German institutions. Their argument against is that a government bond buying programme by the ECB would mix fiscal and monetary policy. This column argues the opposite – such a programme can be structured so that it does not mix fiscal and monetary policy. It, therefore, would not impose a risk on German taxpayers.

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Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Falling 10-Year Yield Raises Doubts About Fed 2% Goal * Switzerland Scraps Currency Cap * Fed’s Rosengren Wants to Avoid Rate Increase Until Inflation Firms * Fed’s Beige Book: Continued Growth, but Some Slowing in Oil-Producing Areas * India Cuts Main Interest Rate

Daily MacroWSJ
The Swiss National Bank rocked European markets in early trade by abandoning its euro floor. Unable to resist the pressure of euro devaluation against the dollar, and with more likely to come as the European Central Bank prepares to launch quantitative easing, the SNB faced catastrophic losses on its mounting holdings of the eurozone currency if forced to abandon the one-sided peg sometime further down the line.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

European Court of Justice makes the doves smile * Taper tantrum moves fully reversed in US Treasuries * NOK rebounds

"It's Turmoil" - Overnight Gains Wiped Out, Futures Trade Below 2000 On SNB "Shock And Awe"

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EKP:n ostoskorissa saa olla myös valtionlainoja | Suomen inflaatio hidastui selvästi | USA:n vähittäiskaupan myynti laski laaja-alaisesti

Suomi maksumieheksi Kreikan taloussotkuissa? – PS:ltä välikysymys PS
Perussuomalaisilta välikysymys eurokriisistäVerkkouutiset
Perussuomalaisten eduskuntaryhmä on päättänyt jättää hallitukselle välikysymyksen eurokriisin hoidosta, Suomen vastuista ja Kreikan tilanteesta.

Suomi: Inflaatio hidastui selvästiNordea

Sveitsi löi hanskat tiskiin euron suhteenJuhani Huopainen

Sveitsi ja frangin arvon vapauttaminen – riskiasetelman keventäminen?Tyhmyri

Olli Herrala: Hienosti ovat asiat: tuloerot kapenevatKL

EU-tuomioistuin: Jäsenmailla ei ole veto-oikeutta EU:n toimielimien päätöksiinTyhmyri

Ekonomistilta suorat sanat: ”Kammottava” kuva kertoo Suomen hädästäUS

Sveitsin keskuspankki osaa toimia pyytämättä ja yllättäenTalouden Ytimessä

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