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Sunday, January 25

25th Jan - W/E: Linkfest

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Marine Le Pen warns against ‘clash of civilizations’Craig Willy

Greece: Austerity, Relief or Exit? – The Short AnswerWSJ
The big question is whether Syriza will overplay its hand, realizing the weakness of Greece’s position only too late, when bank deposits are already fleeing the country.

Alexis Tsipras: Greece’s radical or realist?FT
As Syriza leader eyes election win, everyone wants to know what really motivates him

Grexit: An Escape to More of the SameJP Koning
In trying to de-euroize, Greece would find itself in the exact same shoes as Latin American countries trying to de-dollarize…If Greece leaves the euro now, it could take decades for it to gain its own monetary policy.

Can the ECB Mollify Syriza?WSJ
The presence of a safety net and the possibility of further purchases if existing ECB holdings are restructured ought to put downward pressure on Greek yields.

Greek leftists Syriza aim for landmark election winReuters

Greece’s fragile primary budget surplus is not much of a bargaining chipTony Yates

Who are the Radicals in Europe?Francesco Saraceno

JPM: Greek Deposit Outflows Soar In Run-Up To Syriza VictoryZH

Greek Exit Polls Suggest Blowout Victory For Syriza: Live Webcasts From GreeceZH

Greek election: Syriza says 'hope has won' – live updatesThe Guardian

Landmark election in GreeceBBC

On the lack of equity purchases in the ECB QE planTony Yates

The ECB’s QE decisionvoxeu
Marco Annunziata: ECB’s watershed decision highlights both the strengths and the persistent vulnerabilities of the Eurozone. The limited-risk-sharing provision flags the need for greater fiscal union; and governments should use the respite that QE provides to launch much-needed structural reforms.

5 Things To Ponder: The ABC's Of The ECB's QELance Roberts

JP Morgan: QE Benefits Wealthy, 8 Ways It Hurts Everyone ElseZH

ECB Joins The QE Party, While Promising Not To Drink Too MuchAlpha Now

Great Graphic: ECB Big Bazooka or Johnnie Come Lately? Marc to Market

Great Graphic: FX Channel More Promising than Asset Purchases Marc to Market

Dutch Central Bank Head Says He Doesn’t Support ECB Bond PurchasesWSJ

Advancing Monetary UnionECB
Speech by Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, Euro Exhibition Osnabrück, 25 January 2015

ECB’s Mersch: ‘identity cannot be reduced to a football team’Craig Willy

PS linjaa vaalien tavoitteitaPS
Niukat eurot suomalaisten hyvinvoinnin turvaamiseen – maailman parantamisen sijasta

Perussuomalaiset puolittaisivat EU:n jäsenmaksunVerkkouutiset
Perussuomalaisten mielestä valtiontalous saadaan tasapainoon vain radikaalilla budjetin rakenneuudistuksella.

Harvoille hyvääPeter Nyberg

Poliittisia näkökulmia Kreikan vaalien vaikutuksiin SuomessaProfessorin ajatuksia

Demarit, työ ja liittovaltio Tyhmyri
Lipponen ajoi avoimesti Suomen itsenäisyydestä luopumista talouden kustannuksella