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Friday, November 16

16th Nov - US Open

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Blogs review: Dating the European Double Dipbruegel
Eurostat announced this week that euro area GDP declined for a second consecutive quarter – pushing back the euro area into recession according to the commonly used rule of thumb for defining a recession. But the European equivalent to the NBER’s business cycle committee – generally seen as the authority for dating US recessions – announced that the recession actually started earlier than that, arguing that the euro area has been in a recession since economic activity peaked in the third quarter of 2011.

Greek debt — a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigmaMacroScope / Reuters

Sweden: Inventories higher than expectedNordea

German and French Growth Engines Slow Down in the EurozoneEconomonitor
During the past two years, Germany and France have driven growth and debt talks in the Eurozone. Now the two economic engines of the Eurozone are slowing down, and bilateral friction is increasing.

Van Rompuy: financial tax to form part of EU budgeteuobserver

Draghi, one for the birdsalphaville / FT
It’s a charming read, as the policymaker reviews the eurozone crisis in pleasantly digestible terms even by Friday morning standards.

A better way to play a China reboundHumble Student

Old Europe, New Chinaeuobserver
After leadership transition, China will move toward liberal reforms, but in the uncertain world such changes require tough hands. How will the new Beijing approach Europe?

Emerging Markets Briefer - November 2012Danske Bank (pdf)
Emerging markets FX is under considerable pressure as the risk-off environment due to fiscal cliff concerns and the re-emergence of the eurozone debt crisis dominates global markets at this moment. However, we believe this is only temporary and, going into the 2013, we expect the appetite for risk assets to return.

The good (political) times are over for risk assetsalphaville / FT
Morgan Stanley cross-asset strategist Gerard Minack has been looking over a long horizon, and observes that risk assets have had a good run from policymakers for several decades. But that time is probably over.

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)
Direction of credit markets will depend on US fiscal cliff negotiations * Decent - but not high - activity in the primary markets * Liquidity management exercise could pick up

Stress Indicators: Is the holiday over?Saxo Bank

Why we need a crisisSaxo Bank

Swedish morning briefing - FridayNordea (pdf)
or read the summary

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