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Thursday, November 1

1st Nov - US Open

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The euro is heading for a permanent state of depressionThe Telegraph
If the euro survives in its current form, then Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, will surely have earned his place in the history books as one of the chief architects of its salvation.

Swedish PMI plummetsNordea

The German bloc will have to take its bitter medicine in GreeceThe Telegraph
My guess is that Mrs Merkel will be forced to admit to the German nation that contingent liabilities are turning into real liabilities long before her elections.

Greek government acquires more realistic crystal ballalphaville / FT
Even before the government’s own-self assessment of conditions, revisions by the IMF alone revealed the deterioration, as Exotix’s Gabriel Sterne points out in a note on Thursday.

Elusive Greek dealMacroScope / Reuters
Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker looked forward to a final settlement at the ministers’ face-to-face meeting on Nov. 12.

Geithner-Draghi No Show Risk Turning Mexican G-20 Into FlopBB
The no-shows at the Nov. 4-5 meeting in Mexico City include European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, as well as the finance chiefs from Brazil and France. The presence of People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan is uncertain. Without these power- wielding players, chances of having a meaningful gathering are slim to none, analysts said.

Kreikka on maassa muttei polvillaanHS

Pääkirjoitus: Jytkyn rippeillä tuli menestystäIS

Jari Paasikivi: "Tämä ei ole vain suhdannekuoppa" - teknologiateollisuus kutistuuTE

Kreikan toiveet lensivät taivaan tuuliin - uudet ennusteet täysin toivottomiaTE

IMF-pomo: Kreikan sähläystä on "turhauttavaa" katsoaTE

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