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Saturday, November 3

3rd Nov - Weekender: Off-Topics & Finnish

Wow, this was a long post, but plenty of enjoyable articles. For my Finnish audience, I'm especially happy about the several links to 80's-90's scene at the bottom of the post. I will post my market views on Sunday evening. The video clip is to celebrate some good news I got. Sorry if you don't get the joke.

Previously on MoreLiver’s:

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The State of the Internet (1-Oct) – Henry Blodget / BI

Why we can’t solve big problemstechnology review

A Bandwidth Breakthroughtechnology review
A dash of algebra on wireless networks promises to boost bandwidth tenfold, without new infrastructure.

Chilling Brain Scans Show the Impact of a Mother's Love on a Child's Brain SizeMedical Daily
A shocking comparison of brain scans from two three-year-old children reveals new evidence of the remarkable impact a mother's love has on a child's brain development.

The Longform Guide to SleepSlate
Good dreams, bad dreams, night terrors, insomnia, and sleep deprivation—a collection of slumber stories.

How Do You Raise a Prodigy?NYT
On his way to kindergarten one day, Drew asked his mother, “Can I just stay home so I can learn something?” Sue was at a loss. “He was reading textbooks this big, and they’re in class holding up a blowup M,” she said. Drew, who is now 18, said: “At first, it felt lonely. Then you accept that, yes, you’re different from everyone else, but people will be your friends anyway.”

Fish Oil and a Lesson in Happiness From IcelandThe Atlantic
As the days grow shorter, considering the role of omega-3s in keeping everything sunny

Wild ThingsHarper’s
Animal nature, human racism, and the future of zoos

Science Reveals the Power of a HandshakeScienceDaily
New neuroscience research is confirming an old adage about the power of a handshake: strangers do form a better impression of those who proffer their hand in greeting.

FiveBooks Interviews: Helene Guldberg on Man and Ape The Browser
It's fashionable today to liken humans to animals but the developmental psychologist says it's more interesting to study the ways in which we're remarkably different from other creatures

Philosopher Thomas Nagel’s Brave Critique of Scientific Reductionismbrain pickings
How our hunger for definitive answers robs us of the intellectual humility necessary for understanding the universe and our place in it.

Playing GodForeign Policy
With efforts to halt climate change on life support, scientists are looking at some radical options to save our planet. But could the cure be worse than the disease?

The Future of Special Operations: Beyond Kill and CaptureForeign Affairs
With the rise of endless irregular wars playing out in the shadows, special operations have never been more important to U.S. national security. But policymakers and commanders focus too much on dramatic raids and high-tech drone strikes. They need to pay more attention to an even more important task these forces take on: training foreign troops.

What Really Happened in Vietnam: The North, the South, and the American DefeatForeign Affairs
A pathbreaking history of the Vietnam War reveals that the Northern government was far more divided and discouraged than commonly believed. Yet the fact remains that the United States and its allies in the South always faced very long odds of success.

(video) After the Arab Spring: the Gulf monarchies in an age of uncertainty LSE
Christopher Davidson discusses the political and economic pressures building in the Gulf monarchies and considers the likelihood of their survival or collapse over the next five years. Christopher Davidson is reader in Middle East politics in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University. His forthcoming book is After the Sheikhs: the coming collapse of the Gulf monarchies.

(video) The Global Drug Wars LSE
How did the international drug control system arise, why has it proven so durable in the face of failure, and is there hope for reform? David Courtwright is professor of history at the University of North Florida. Nigel Inkster is the former director of operations and intelligence for MI6. William McAllister is special projects director at Office of the Historian, US Department of State. Ethan Nadelmann is founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Slides: McAllister (pdf) and Courtwright (pdf)

(video) True Believers: collaboration and opposition under totalitarian regimes LSE
The horrifying genius of Soviet communism was the system’s ability to get the silent majority in so many countries to play along without much protest. The techniques used to do this are the central topic of this lecture and Iron Curtain, Anne Applebaum’s new book.

FiveBooks Interviews: Keith Jeffery on the Secret ServiceThe Browser
The author of a history of MI6 tells us about the evolution of the secret intelligence services, their representation in fiction, and the man Fleming may have had in mind when he created James Bond

Most U.S. Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video FeedsWired
Four years after discovering that militants were tapping into drone video feeds, the U.S. military still hasn’t secured the transmissions of more than half of its fleet of Predator and Reaper drones

84 Million Stars in 9 Billion Pixelsbig think

How To Tackle the Outstanding Problem in Astrophysicstechnology review
The strange behaviour of spacecraft as they fly past Earth has astrophysicists scratching their heads. Now space scientists are developing a mission that could measure the phenomenon in detail

Watchers of the multiversearxiv

What are the 18 secrets to giving a presentation like Steve Jobs?bakadesuyo

Nobody’s going to steal your ideaThe Endeavour

Casinos bring jobs, but also crime, bankruptcy, and even suicide Wonkblog / WP

Virtual currency schemesECB (pdf)
Bitcoin, SecondLife etc.

Insider KnowledgeCrooked Timber
My experience has been that careful analysis of publicly available information almost always trumps the insider approach.

The Luxury Repo Men Businessweek

The World’s 200 Richest PeopleBB
They make flip-flops and pet food. They sell miniskirts and motorcars. They mine iron ore and distribute soda. Their net worth totals $2.7 trillion, about the size of the gross domestic product of France, the fifth-biggest economy on the planet.

Some terrifying psychology links for HalloweenThe British Psychological Society

U.S. military forces train for zombie apocalypseRaw Story

Which kids will steal your Halloween candy? There’s a study for thatWonkblog / WP

Are there really razor blades in kids’ halloween candy?bakadesuyo

Creating Better Villains – big think part 1, part 2
In this two-part piece, we will examine the portrayal of villains in creative mediums, like novels and comics, and why they are severely lacking; I will also argue why it's necessary to create better villains.

The Worst Song in the World: Music & Evolutionbig think

The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum DisruptionThe Big Picture

How the Invention of Walls Gave Rise to Eavesdroppingbrainpickings

Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselvestechnology review
A bold experiment by the One Laptop Per Child organization has shown “encouraging” results.

Krugman’s Asimov introduction(pdf).

The Social Networking Lives Of The Dead CelebritiesForbes

The Case of the Mormon HistorianSlate
What happened when Michael Quinn challenged the history of the church he loved.

Lapsellista uhoa lapsilisistäJyrki Virolainen

Saksalaiset yritykset palkkaavat ja suomalaiset erottavat – taitaa hintakehitys selittäätyhmyri

PersuntorjuntaministeriöHannu Visti
Luin vinkin saaneena tämän Helena Petäistön kolumnin Suomen nykyisestä ulkopoliittisesta suunnasta.

Miksi EI liittovaltiolleSampo Terho / US Puheenvuoro

  KOOSTE: 80-90-luku
Henrik Kuningas: Kuningashai (1988) – City
Jotkut osaavat tulla näyttämölle oikeaan aikaan, toiset poistua sieltä maineensa kukkuloilla. Kuningas osasi molemmat.

Kriisin Jälkeen (2001) – TalSa
Suomen pankkikriisi maksoi 50 miljardia markkaa. Suuri osa 1980- ja 90-luvun vaikuttajista on jäänyt eläkkeelle, osa jättäytynyt työelämästä muuten vaan ja osa työskentelee edelleen vaikutusvaltaisissa asemissa. Myös suuri osa oikeudenkäynneistä on päättynyt ja tuomiot luettu. Silti jälkipyykkiä pestään edelleen eivätkä kaikki henkilökohtaiset tragediat suinkaan ole ohi. Missä kriisin päähenkilöt ovat nyt?

1980-luvun jupit: He elivät herroiksi (1996) – TE

Ammattilainen pinteessä (1989) – City
Arctosin osakesalkun ryöstöstä tuomittu nuori optiokauppias puhuu muun muassa ahneuden rajoista aikana, jolloin kaverille ei jätetä.

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