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Wednesday, November 21

21st Nov - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
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Daily press summary – Open Europe
  UK could be nearing deal on EU budget; Government accepts UK payments will rise even if budget is frozen

Morning MarketBeat: Bernanke Gives Fiscal-Cliff Warning, Again – WSJ
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Europe Disappoints; Euro Resilient, Yen WeakMarc to Market
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US session ahead
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No Greek Deal, but did Germany Blink?Marc to Market
Shortly after talks ended, Germany indicated that it is open to providing new financing for the euro zone's EFSF lending capacity and accept lower interest rates on existing loans. 

Those ‘technical’ issues that broke up last night’s Eurogroup meetingalphaville / FT
Markets are so accustomed to this can-kicking that yet another iteration won’t be too disruptive, as long as there is still the prospect of some kind of deal soon. And Monday November 26 is not so very far away for the next round of kicking.

The Finnish Erosion: Dilemmas of the Last Triple-A Eurozone EconomiesEconoMonitor
During the past two years, the Eurozone focus has been on the ailing Southern European economies and their austerity fatigue. In the next two years, it will be on the last triple-A economies in Northern Europe and their bailout fatigue. One of these is Finland – a legendary Nordic tiger whose competitiveness is eroding.

Opinion: EU budget: Don't cut the left arm to save the righteuobserver
We need to go back to the future, allowing for a budget that is well equipped to tackle future-challenges, flexible to react to unforeseen needs, and above all transparent. That's the real debate which will start once the mist of the budget battle lifts over the Council building.

Now The Hard Part Begins: The China ChallengeThe Diplomat
Xi Jinping has taken the reins of the Communist Party. With multiple domestic and international challenges mounting, there is much to be done.

Why China won't cause a commodity crash (yet)Humble Student

The definitive guide to the RBA’s ‘passive intervention’ in the AUDalphaville / FT
First, some unusually large amounts began appearing in the RBA’s foreign exchange holdings in the past three months. Second, the RBA did not appear to be offsetting these flows by buying AUD, as they might normally be expected to do.


Morning Briefing EU/USBNY Mellon
As we ponder some of the plausible market risks for 2013, it strikes us that the SNB still has some problems to deal with

Keskuspankki voi aina toteuttaa ulkoisen devalvaation jos sitä sattuu huvittamaantyhmyri

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