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Monday, February 11

11th Feb - US Open

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Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Quiet Start To G-20 "Currency Warfare Conference" Week – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
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Morning MarketBeat: Secular Bear Not Over Yet – WSJ
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Morning Briefing (EU/US): The plot thickens – BNY Mellon
  Mark Carney is a fan of hybrid inflation targets. So, it would seem, is George Osborne.

Ministers look to March for Cyprus bailouteuobserver
Cyprus will not be left alone to fail, the ECB has said. But it is unlikely to see get a bailout until the dust settles after elections.

Currency chatterMacroScope / Reuters
This week, everything points towards the first meeting this year of G20 finance ministers and central bankers in Moscow on Friday and Saturday.

G-7 Said to Discuss Statement to Calm Currency War Concern BB
The Group of Seven nations are considering releasing a statement on exchange rates this week to calm concern the world is on the brink of a currency war, three officials from G-7 countries said.

G20 to punctuate an interesting weekTradingFloor
John J. Hardy: Last week we saw the most significant JPY rally attempt yet, though USDJPY has already taken back about half of the lost ground. EURUSD has been slower to recover after last week’s ECB meeting.

Back to the future as G20 comes to Russia Reuters
Group of 20 policymakers have an ideal chance in Moscow this week to ponder whether monetary policy largesse will blunt their will to carry out the economic reforms needed to put global growth on a sustainable footing.

Financial forecastsDanske Bank (pdf)
More upside for EUR/USD and yields in the near term (summary)

How Major Mark Tops FormShort Side of the Long

Is the credit market cruisin' for a brusin'?Humble Student
Should we see a selloff in the increasingly fragile credit market, it could turn into a rout whose contagion could spread into other risky assets like stocks. I have no idea what the trigger might be, but stock bulls should be aware of this risk.

Suomen EU-maksuista ilmiriitaJyrki Virolainen

TrendiƤ vastaan?Henri Myllyniemi / Piksu