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Monday, February 25

25th Feb - US Close: Italian Job

Note that all coverage of the Italian elections is in the Special post. What a day: JPY move astounding, EURUSD within normal bearish daily range (the move only looks huge if you include the intra-day rally ahead of the first election results), stock markets sold off. So, EURUSD is down a lot, and dropped below key support areas. Technically difficult environment: the longer-term bull trend looks like it has ended, but are we in a bear trend now, or just range-trading for a while? I'm looking forward to Bernanke's talk tomorrow at 15:00 GMT and on Wednesday as well - he has even more reason now to sound a bit dovish. But... if they start to grill him on the effectiveness of the QE programs, and his answers seem weak, the fears that the QE is about to end might flame up again. I'll be watching the charts..

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