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Friday, February 15

15th Feb - EU Open

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News roundup – Between The Hedges
The 6am Cut London – alphaville / FT
Emerging Markets Headlines – beyondbrics / FT

3 Numbers to Watch: EU Trade Bal., US Ind.Prod & Cons. SentimentTradingFloor
The US capacity utilization is moving towards levels usually deemed inflationary, while consumer sentiment is the first major release for February. The G20 and currency war-talk will dominate the day.

Market Preview: Focus on EU trade balance, US consumer sentimentTradingFloor
European markets are expected to open higher Friday. Investors are keenly watching the Eurozone trade balance and US consumer sentiment data, while today's G20 meeting holds significance given the recent currency war debate.

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
Norges Bank’s Olsen says ready to act if NOK gets too strong. Conservative Muto emerging as leading candidate for Bank of Japan  top job, supporting JPY. Today focus on G20 meeting and communication, UK retail sales and US industrial production figures and survey data. Only second-tier Scandi data.

AamukatsausNordea (pdf)
Euroalueelta surkeat kasvuluvut – huomio kiinnittyy Italian vaaleihin * Negatiiviset talletuskorot ja transaktiovero puhuttavat euroalueella * Euroalueen odotettua vaisummat BKT-luvut painoivat yhteisvaluuttaa

Aamukatsaus – Tapiola (pdf)


Sweden Stands Far From the Devaluing Crowd WSJ
Sweden is sitting out the global currency devaluation catfight

Norway: Governor's annual address gives no new policy signalsHandelsbanken
Main topic was the stability and robustness of an oil-based economy. Special emphasis on financial robustness, but not as a reason to expect early tightening

Monte Paschi former finance chief held in ItalyReuters
Italian police arrested on Thursday the former head of Monte dei Paschi's finance department, who is at the center of a probe into alleged fraud and bribery at Italy's third largest bank, prosecutors said.

Point Counterpoint in the Italian CampaignA Fistful of Euros
What is playing out is a classic competition between management strategies, as Vendola advocates for activist stimulus and Monti calls on Italians to tighten their belts for one more round. Bersani meanwhile tries to walk a fine line he calls “austerity with justice,” whatever that turns out to mean. But as Hollande waffles along the same line, and Merkel prepares to defend her mercantilist fundamentalism this fall, Italy–for all its woes, still the Eurozone’s 3rd biggest economy–will be helping to arbitrate the larger EU’s path through this intractable crisis.

Spain’s labour market reforms are unlikely to lead to economic growth or a drop in unemploymenteuropp / LSE

SocGen charts

Shiller On Housing: Back? On Track? Or Still Cracked?ZH

Japan's Amari Backtracks On "Stock Market Targeting", Says Government Has No Price Target For The NikkeiZH

FX Forecast Update FebruaryDanske Bank (pdf)
More euro gains and yen suffering in store

EK:n puheenjohtaja, vuorineuvos Ilpo Kokkila kritisoi Euroalueella harrastettua rahapolitiikkaatyhmyri

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