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Tuesday, February 19

19th Feb - US Close

”Haaparanta on idiootti, joka ei tajua yhtään mistään asiasta kerta kaikkiaan yhtään mitään. Haaparanta uskoo keynesiläisiin paskateorioihin, joihin kukaan muu ei ole uskonut 40 vuoteen.” 

– Nimetön itävaltalaista tunnustava naamakirjassa. Ilmeisesti häntä harmitti, että Haaparanta moitti ja suorastaan vinoili komissaari Rehnin pyrkimyksille vaientaa säästötoimiin kohdistunutta kritiikkiä.

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A missing piece in the eurozone’s newly strengthened fiscal defence is poised to fall into place after a compromise was struck between national governments, members of the European Parliament and the European Commission over new budget rules.

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Italy’s election campaign has become more and more combative just as it’s increasingly likely that no simple majority will be formed, requiring post-electoral coalition forging.

The Saver’s DilemmaProject Syndicate
Michael Pettis: For nearly a decade prior to the eurozone crisis, capital from high-savings countries like Germany flowed to low-savings countries like Spain. If the rebalancing that is now necessary occurs only in Spain and other low-savings countries, the result, as John Maynard Keynes warned 80 years ago, must be much higher unemployment.

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Hit a 2 percent target, or your independence (what little you have left) is history.  Abe doesn't comment on current policy, but "hints" at some future policies

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Vaalirahoituksen salat tulivat tutuiksi Jorma Heikkiselle jo 1970-luvulla.

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