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Thursday, July 25

25th Jul - US Close: Summers & SAC

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Glimmers of hope in the euro areaSober Look
Given the persistent weakness in credit growth across the Eurozone (see discussion), the latest quarterly ECB survey of banks brought some welcome news. It seems that demand for loans is declining slower than in Q1 and credit tightening in the euro area is subsiding.

Terrible Eurozone loan data will keep ECB dovishTradingFloor
Terrible Eurozone monetary data will consign to the dustbin any thoughts that next week's European Central Bank meeting might be hawkish. But don't expect concrete dovish measures either - Germany's looming elections will legislate against that.

Cyprus Deposits Plunge At Fastest Rate In HistoryZH
If the current outflow is not stemmed, there won't be a single Euro (Cypriot Euro, not European Euro) deposits left in under one year.

Press release Article IV Consultation on Euro Area PoliciesIMF
Euro Area Policies: 2013 Article IV ConsultationIMF (pdf)
Euro Area Policies: Selected Issues PaperIMF (pdf)

Negative Feedback Loops? Tim Duy’s Fed Watch
Still too early to conclude the extent of the negative feedback of the recent rise in rates.  Moreover, it is not clear to what extent Fed officials are unhappy with that feedback.

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The White House wants Summers. But will they actually choose him? – Wonkblog / WP
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A failure to communicate: Fed 'guidance' fails early testReuters
Watch what Federal Reserve officials do, not what they say. That was Wall Street's reaction to the U.S. central bank's hints that it could soon begin to wind down its bond-buying stimulus.

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Tough Stance on SAC – DealBook / NYT
SAC Indicted By Federal Grand Jury In New York - Full Indictment – ZH
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The Correlation ConundrumThe Capital Spectator
A new study from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) raises doubts about the value of commodities as a tool for enhancing portfolio diversification.

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