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Wednesday, July 31

31st Jul - US Close: GDP, FED done

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Fed Humiliated With Red Close Despite Dovish FOMC And GDP Revision – ZH

You say you want ECB minutes? We got minutesMoney Supply / FT

Greek Bailout Déjà Vu?WSJ

Don’t Get Worked Up About Jobless FallWSJ

Euro-Area Debt-to-GDP Ratio Still RisingThe Big Picture

No bubble in Germany's residential property marketDB Research
However, if one compares price increases in real terms in Germany with similar phases in other OECD countries, current developments are at the lower end of the scale and should be seen as a normalisation of the price level.

Goldman: "We Expect A Downward Revision To The Fed's 2013 Growth Forecast"ZH

A Walkthough Of Today's Comprehensive GDP Revision – ZH
Revisions add 3.6% to size of US economy – FT
Highlights From GDP’s 83 Years of Revisions – WSJ
GDP Revisions Make Recovery Look Better, Recession Not as Bad – WSJ
How The US Just Added $550 Billion In Growth: Full GDP Chart Pre- And Post-Revision – ZH
Revised Q2 GDP 1.7%, Higher Than Expected, But Prior Revised Significantly Lower – ZH
U.S. economy finds momentum in second quarter, further gains seen – Reuters
Economy in U.S. Expands More Than Forecast on Inventories – BB
Economic Expansion in U.S. Has Been Stronger, More Irregular – BB
GDP, Q2 2013, advance estimate – Bureau of Economic Analysis
Real GDP increased 1.7% Annualized in Q2 – Calculated Risk
Those US GDP revisions… – alphaville / FT
Full GDP Revision Broken Down By Component – ZH
Five Takeaways From GDP Report – WSJ
Advance Estimate Beats Expectations at 1.7% – dshort
Economists React: Better GDP, but Trend Still Sluggish – WSJ
Five things you should know about today’s US GDP report – Nordea
Moderate Growth Persists – The Capital Spectator
We should be horrified at 1.7 percent GDP growth – Wonkblog / WP
Why we don’t have jetpacks, in one chart – Wonkblog / WP
More Weakness, Data below FOMC June Projections – Calculated Risk
Real GDP Per Capita: Another Perspective on the Economy – dshort
A Closer Look at the GDP Report – PragCap
What Drove GDP Growth? – WSJ

The case for Larry Summers Wonkblog / WP

Did Larry Summers Just Tap Someone On The Shoulder? ZH

The next Federal Reserve chair shouldn't be Wall Street's servant The Guardian

FOMC StatementFED
Fed Statement TrackerWSJ
Parsing the Fed: How the Statement Changed – WSJ
Fed Releases Broken Record: "Prepared To Increase Or Reduce QE", No Taper Mention – ZH
Fed offers no hint of stimulus pullback – Reuters
Fed Statement Mostly Similar, No Talk of Tapering – Marc to Market
Fed Keeps $85 Billion QE Pace, Sees Risk of Disinflation – BB
Economists React: September Tapering ‘Still a Good Bet’ – WSJ
Fed keeps QE in place and takes on a slightly more dovish tone – Nordea
Maybe Fed Won’t Start Tapering in September – WSJ
Lone Dissenter Again: Bullard Gets What He Wants – WSJ

Redacted Version of the July 2013 FOMC Statement – The Aleph Blog

ADP Prints +200K, Beats Estimate With Prior Revised Higher Confirming Taper – ZH
Chicago PMI Misses: New Orders, Employment, Production All Drop, Prices Paid Up – ZH

"Elvytys on hetkellistä lämmikettä"YLE
Valtiovarainministeriön budjettipäällikkö Hannu Mäkinen teilaa poliitikkojen lisääntyneet elvytysvaatimukset.

Pankkikriisi olisi kannattanut selvittääHenri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro