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Sunday, March 1

1st Mar - W/E: Best of the Week

Hand-picked links from my ending week's posts.

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European Semester 2015: College decisionsEC
France and Italy granted reprieve for breaching budget limitsFT

Clive Crook: Who Made Germany Europe's Boss?View BB
The Euro Was a Bad Idea From the StartForeign Policy
A Greek deal cannot fix the flaws in the euroFT
The Eurozone CounterfactualMacro Market Musings
Fiscal Arrangements in Federations: Four Lessons for EuropeIMF

Greece and the EU: a question of trustFrances Coppola
Greece: a simple macroeconomic guideSimon Wren-Lewis
You've heard the Greek crisis myths, now here are some truthsMacropolis
The Politics of the Euro Area Crisis, Greece and the ECBICMB
Greece’s fate: In Angela Merkel’s hands?Fortune
What Greece’s Deal Means, and Where the Obstacles LieBB Brief
Who Hurts Most If Greece Defaults – not GermanyBB Brief
Greek funny money: no thanksFT
The House View: The Greek ConundrumDeutsche Bank
George Magnus: All Quiet Now, But Can Greece Thrive in €?The Globalist
Clive Crook: Greece vs. Europe: Who Won?View / BB

ECB Preview: Waiting for the QE purchases to startDanske Bank
ECB preview: Details, detailsNordea
Why European Bondholders Refuse To Sell To The ECB – ZH
Why is Monetary Policy Underrated? – Project Syndicate
On the ECB running out of bonds to buyGlobal Macro Trading
ECB to pay the priceNordea
Monetary Developments in EZ Jan 2015ECB
Euro area: Further signs of stronger recovery – Danske Bank

Why does financial sector growth crowd out real economic growth? – BIS
The finance sector and growth: too much finance is bad for the economy – The Economist
The great growth destruction?FT

Miksi Saksaa kunnioitetaan?Raha ja Talous
Tyly väite suomalaisministeristä kulissien takaa: ”Herätti muissa raivoa”IS

Päättymätön tarina – Peter Nyberg
Troikka on Kreikan ystävä – Henri Myllyniemi / US
Kreikka on liian helppo syntipukki kriisiin – Jan Hurri / TalSa