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Tuesday, March 3

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The Origins of the Eurozone Monetary Policy CrisisMarcus Nunes

Europe is a continent that has run out of ideasFT

Where the German Right and Greek Left See Eye-to-EyeMarc to Market

The Eurozone: on the road to recovery with a lingering riskSober Look

Investor survey shows 38 percent chance of euro zone break-up in 12 monthsReuters

German Wages: Creeping OptimismMarc to Market

Vladimir Putin’s survival strategy is lies and violenceFT
Russian president stirs nationalist paranoia that makes Nemtsov’s killing permissible

Danish Reserves Hit Record As Central Bank Fights For The PegWSJ

Mixed messages on third Greek bailout talks – Reuters
Juncker says no talks in the euro zone for a third Greek bailout – Reuters
Austerity Is Not Greece’s Problem – Project Syndicate
Greece’s Next Move – The New Yorker
Greece struggles to find cash to pay creditors, rumours of third bailout grow – Open Europe
Peter Doyle: IMF abdication on GreeceFT
Greek myths and legends – Frances Coppola

Eurozone’s march to QE enters its final stagesFT
Draghi’s QE Moves to Starting Line as Outlook BrightensBB

Draghi's Rescue Plan Has Created a $103 Billion ProblemBB
S&P Says Sinking Bond Yields Have Worsened Pension Shortfalls

This is nuts, where have all the bonds gone?FT

A Complete Preview Of Q€ — And Why It Will Fail ZH

A Problem for a Fed Theory on WagesWSJ

Does The Fed Have a Currency Problem?Tim Duy
The rising dollar may be causing the Fed more headaches than they like to admit. To the extent that it is pushing inflation lower, the dollar should be delaying the time to the first rate hike as well as lowering the subsequent path of rates. The Fed may have to respond to the so-called "currency wars" whether they like it or not.

US labour market monitor: Solid but slower job growthDanske Bank

Gavyn Davies: Reasons to worry about US equitiesFT
5 Things About Nasdaq’s Road Back to 5000WSJ

Macau Bleeds, Warns About Chinese EconomyWolf Richter

The Great Global Monetary Easing of 2015 May Be Done by MidyearBB

Warren Buffett's Annual Letter: 2014 Berkshire Hathaway ReportMarket Folly
Warren Buffett Explains His Cozy EmbraceView / BB

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Ready, Fire, Aim … Let’s Reform the Fed * Foreign Banks Brace for Fed Stress Test * Patrick Harker Tabbed as New Philadelphia Fed President * India Releases New Monetary Policy Framework * Abe Adviser Warns BOJ Against Overheating Economy

Daily MacroWSJ
Two big, contradictory themes in the eurozone economy were reinforced Tuesday: the continued threat of deflation, which was highlighted by a striking decline in producer prices, and the recovery of the German economy, represented by a surprising jump in January retail sales. While the German rebound is clearly good news on balance, the divergence is potentially troubling politically.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Deflation risk in Euro-area narrows, inflation less negative * ECB QE continues to pressure yields downwards * Greek bailout speculation * AUD strengthens

Daily FX CommentMarc to Market
News Stream Improves, ECB Continues to Weigh on Euro

Daily ShotTF
As Greece's tragedy (or is it farce?) rolls onwards, the country's banks continue to bleed money and bank shares slide. But while we're seeing encouraging signs of incipient recovery elsewhere in the Eurozone, economic indicators from Canada and China make for unappetising reading.

Futures Decline; Treasurys Weak On Actavis Mega-Deal, Dollar At 12 Year High

FX UpdateTF
The RBA failed to cut overnight and AUDUSD squeezed back higher. Meanwhile, USDJPY couldn’t maintain the 120.00 level and EURUSD refuses to push lower after last week’s swoon. The USD needs to get something going or we risk another squeeze on bulls losing confidence.

From the FloorTF

Daily NewsletterTF
Will it be a day of surprises today? After the Reserve Bank of Australia voted to keep rates unchanged at 2.25%, against a market that favored another cut, German retail sales came in far ahead of analysts' expectations.

Martin Sandbu’s Free LunchFT
Audacity in India: There is more to the budget that meets the eye

Aaamukatsaus Nordea
EKP:n kokous: Yksityiskohtia vain | Saksassa julkistetaan tammikuun vähittäismyynti | Espanjan valtionvarainministeri kertoi Kreikan kolmannen tukipaketin neuvotteluista

"Julkinen talous on yksinkertaisesti liian suuri suhteessa yksityiseen sektoriin"Verkkouutiset
Euroalueen elpyy, mutta Venäjän taantuma heikentää kasvunäkymiä Suomessa, toteaa Aktia Pankki talouskatsauksessaan.

Todisteet EKP:n toimien tehosta kasaantuvatRoger Wessman

Hallituksen rakennepaketin karu loppuraporttiVerkkouutiset
Hallituksen rakennepoliittisen ohjelman toteutus jäi kauas tavoitteistaan. Ongelmana olivat sitoutumisen puute ja voimavarojen käyttö turhiin uudistuksiin.