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Sunday, March 1

1st Mar - W/E: Linkfest

Here are the weekend's links on the world, economics and a bit more relaxing off-topic reading.

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9 Ways the Eurozone is More Fragile than the USEconoMonitor
Rise of Extreme Political Parties * Aging Population* Susceptibility to External Shocks * Labor Mobility & Capital Mobility * Asymmetric Adjustment * Great Recession Response * Eurozone isn't a Fiscal Union * Banking Union: The Eurozone's Stumbling Block * Political Union — And Democratic Legitimacy in the Eurozone

Eurozone fiscal policy - still not getting itSimon Wren-Lewis

Javier Solana: Europe’s Sovereignty IllusionProject Syndicate
The European Union has taken democratic integration – driven by the free will of its members, rather than military force – to unprecedented levels, securing its place at the forefront of institutional innovation. But today, sentiment in the EU seems to lean toward “conflict," rather than “cooperation."

Andrés Velasco: The Perilous Politics of the EuroProject Syndicate
Bad economics easily turns into bad politics. Owing to its flawed design, the common currency now threatens to abort the very project of political union that it was meant to advance.

Italy’s labour market: Marching to a different tune – The Economist
Spanish politics: Ghosts at the feast – The Economist
Business seeks answers from Spain’s Podemos movement – FT
U.K. Election Preview – BCA
Sweden: Swedish economy grows swiftly – Nordea
Danish GDP much stronger than expected – Nordea

Should other countries worry about a reduced Greek primary surplus target? – Bruegel
In Greece, Bailout May Hinge on Pursuing Tycoons – NYT
What Greece Won – Krugman / NYT
Greece Should Ponder the Benefits of Devaluation – PIIE
Greece’s Pension System Isn’t That Generous After All – WSJ
Greece and the euro: Doing the splits – The Economist
Jean Pisani-Ferry: The Costs of Grexit – Project Syndicate

ECB to Face Scrutiny Over Greece at March Meeting – WSJ
Euro inflation set to increase in February - but to remain in deflation – Danske Bank
Vítor Constâncio: Central banks with large balance sheets (slides) – ECB
ECB’s Constancio Sees Stock of €4 Trillion Eligible for QE Purchases – WSJ

  Q4 GDP
Revised Down to 2.2% Annual Rate – Calculated Risk
Revised Down To 2.2% From 5.0%: Full Breakdown – ZH
Takeaways from the Revised GDP – WSJ
Economists React ‘The Underlying Picture Remains Good’ – WSJ

Saatavalliset säkeetAllan Seuri
Suomen valtio voisi ottaa eläkerahastojen varat ja maksaa niillä pois valtionvelan. Velkaantumisongelma olisi ratkaistu, mutta mistä ne eläkkeet sitten maksettaisiin?

Suhteellisten hintojen muutos ja deflaatioRoger Wessman

Hallitus historian huonoin – demarit lytätään täysin – MTV
Suomi menettänyt kriisissä yli sata miljardia euroa – "tuki Kreikalle vähäisiä ropoja" – MTV
Varoittaa Sipilän kelkkaan hyppääviä: Eduskuntaan tulee mukana 59 aitoa kepulaista – MTV
Tämä kaikki mättää poliittisessa päätöksenteossa – MTV

”Kreikka ei tule maksamaan velkojaan”TE
”Jos olisin poliitikko, niin en suin surminkaan haluaisi katsoa totuutta silmiin juuri nyt”, sanoo professori Vesa Puttonen

EU ja Kreikan kriisiYLE
Taloustieteen professori Hannu Laurila Tampereen Yliopistosta keskustelee Kreikan talouden ja talouspolitiikan suhteesta EU:n talouteen ja talouspolitiikkaan. Professori Hannu Laurila on johtamansa työryhmän kanssa kääntänyt viime kesänä suomeksi ilmestyneen Kreikan uuden valtiovarainministerin Yanis Varoufakisin tekeman kirjan Maailmantalouden minotaurus. Ohjelmassa puhutaan myös siitä, minkälaisia ovat tuossa kirjassa esitetyt talouspoliittiset ajatukset.

Uutisanalyysi: Kohti Kreikan kolmatta tukipakettiaVerkkouutiset
Kreikka-teatteri ei pääty vielä vuosikausiin, vaikka maa saakin tukipaketin määräajan pidennyksen.

EU ja terrorin uhatYLE
Terrorismista ja sen torjunnan keinoista EU:ssa keskustelee yliopistonlehtori Leena Malkki Helsingin yliopiston Eurooppa-tutkimuksen verkostosta

Vasemmistopolitiikkaa EU:ssaYle
Europarlamentaarikko Merja Kyllönen keskustelee siitä mitä asioita hänen ryhmänsä ja hän itse EU:ssa ajavat ja siitä miltä vasemmiston tilanne vaikuttaa Kreikassa ja muissa EU-jäsenmaissa.

Shareholder letter 2014 Berkshire Hathaway

Irving Kahn, Investor Who Profited in ’29 Crash, Dies at 109 – BB

Russia's Insider Traders Know Putin's Plans View / BB

The Quiet Man Who Made Big Trouble for Little LuxembourgBB
Antoine Deltour sees himself as “just a little auditor” who copied some tax files. Now he may face jail after those documents helped send a shock wave through Luxembourg that is reverberating across the European Union.

Bridgewater Is Said to Start Artificial-Intelligence TeamBB
The unit will create trading algorithms that make predictions based on historical data and statistical probabilities, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The programs will learn as markets change and adapt to new information, as opposed to those that follow static instructions.

Meet the man who could own Aviva FranceFT
When he was seven years old, Max-Hervé George was given a magic ticket by his father. It lets him turn back the clock, to invest with perfect hindsight week after week, steadily accumulating a fortune. The ticket is a life insurance contract and Mr George, now 25, has fought for years in the French courts to preserve its magic.

Mass extinctions: Did dark matter do in the dinosaurs?The Economist
One scientific mystery may have caused another

Burn After ReadingHarper’s
In 1971, William Powell published The Anarchist Cookbook, a guide to making bombs and drugs at home. He spent the next four decades fighting to take it out of print.

How to make people listen FT
 ‘Anyone with anything to sell needs a story . . . but the first thing to grasp is that the person you’re trying to persuade is bored with you already’

The Key to Facebook’s ProductivityWSJ
CIO Timothy Campos says the secret is custom-built software tools

Extreme left and right voters far more likely to believe in conspiracy theoriesEuropp / LSE

Outing A.I.: Beyond the Turing TestNYT
A mature A.I. is not necessarily a humanlike intelligence, or one that is at our disposal. If we look for A.I. in the wrong ways, it may emerge in forms that are needlessly difficult to recognize, amplifying its risks and retarding its benefits.

Google Invents an AI System That Plays Video Games on Its OwnBB

A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledgemedium
A generation ago, a tool unleashed the power of business modeling — and created the entrepreneurial boom that has transformed our economy

Wim Wenders and the pull of AmericaFT
Ahead of a retrospective, the German director talks about the draw of the US throughout his 50 years of film-making

HSBC, the bank that ran aground while overseasFT
To anyone who witnessed its rise to become a global bank, the entire thing is baffling

Henry Miller on the Mystery of the Universe and the Meaning of LifeBrain Pickings
 “This is the greatest damn thing about the universe. That we can know so much, recognize so much, dissect, do everything, and we can’t grasp it.”

How Jihadists Slip Through Europe’s Dragnet and Into Syria – WSJ
City of London ‘black book’ is called for to track ‘bad apple’ traders – FT
Islam and extremism: Looking within – The Economist
UK puts 3,000 extremists on ‘Jihadi John’ watchlist – FT

Credit supply and the housing boomvox
The fundamental factor behind that boom was an increase in the supply of mortgage credit. This rise was brought about by the diffusion of securitisation and shadow banking, and by a surge in foreign capital inflows.

The failure of macroeconomicsFrances Coppola

Can helicopter money be democratic?Simon Wren-Lewis

The Asymmetric Effects of Deflation on Consumption Spending: Evidence from the Great DepressionFED

The Global Component of Local Inflation: Revisiting the Empirical Content of the Global Slack Hypothesis with Bayesian MethodsFED

Bank and Sovereign Risk Feedback LoopsFED

Nobody understands that nobody understands supply and demandScott Sumner

Fiscal multipliers in downturns and the effects of Eurozone consolidationvox

[2010] Long and Variable LEADS – Scott Sumner
Market monetarists and the ‘myth’ of long and variable lags – Tony Yates
Long and variable leads (a reply to Tony Yates) – Scott Sumner

Central banks are straying from their own dominion into political territory – FT
One wrong Sentance after another – Tony Yates