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Friday, March 6

6th Mar - Another strong US job report

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Philippe Legrain: Is the Euro Compatible With Democracy?FP
Berlin doesn't seem to think so.

Greecification of Spanish Politics and the Lies of Spain's MinistersMish’s

ECB forecasts look promising but more QE is possibleTF
Max McKegg: Months of talk is over, time to start buying * ECB staff forecasts are credible but oil price the key * Buying inflation-linked bonds provides opportunities

ECB Solves Some Problems for Britain, Creates OthersWSJ

Euro Inflation Research No. 2Danske Bank
ECB's core inflation forecast is too optimistic

ECB launches €1.1 trillion blitz as bond market dries upThe Telegraph
'Our monetary policy decisions have worked,' says ECB president Mario Draghi, basking in the glow of recovery

US Trade Deficit Worse Than Expected As Auto Exports Tumble ZH

Bank Stress Tests: What the Analysts Say WSJ

NFP preview: Is another upside surprise in store? – TF
Live: February Jobs Report: Everything You Need to Know – WSJ
Payrolls To 295K (235K expected), Unemployment Drops To 5.5% - ZH
US: Strong job growth with limited wage inflation – Danske Bank
Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Drop, Dollar Pops, Good News Is Bad News – ZH
Goldman: Fed Will Modify Forward Guidance, Possible June Rate Hike – ZH
Economy added 295,000 jobs in February – WaPo
More Than Half Of Jobs Added In February Were Lowest-Quality, Lowest-Paying – ZH
Employment Report Comments and Graphs – Calculated Risk
The Numbers: February Jobs Report – WSJ
Hilsenrath: Report Keeps Fed Moving Toward Midyear Rate Increase – WSJ
February’s Jobs Report in 10 Charts – WSJ
Economists React: ‘Full Employment!’ – WSJ
February Jobs Report: Wage Growth Is Stuck Around 2% - WSJ
On the brink of full employment – Nordea

Asia’s housing bubbles look a lot like the U.S. housing bubble didWaPo

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Blackstone’s Take: ECB More Upbeat, but Eurozone Remains a Laggard * Big U.S. Banks Pass Fed Stress Tests * Fed’s Williams: Ready to Consider Rate Rises Starting This Summer * ECB Raises Economic Forecasts for Eurozone Ahead of Stimulus Program * SNB Says Repeal of Currency Cap Could Hit Its Performance

Daily MacroWSJ
Eurozone bond yields and the euro fell further early Friday as investors continued to absorb European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s message following the central bank’s latest policy meeting the previous day.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

ECB meeting provided a lot of QE details * EUR/USD in terra incognita * Yet another strong US jobs report?

Daily FX CommentMarc to Market
All About ECB and US Jobs

Daily ShotTF
Turkey's central bank is under pressure from the government to cut rates, which doesn't make sense in the face of a falling currency. It cut rates by 50 basis points last week, which apparently wasn't large enough for President Erdogan. The bank is now left in a bind ahead of its scheduled rate-setting meeting on March 17. Its independence is being put into question and the lira has fallen to new lows against the dollar. A rate hike by the US Fed later this year could do even more damage.

Euro Plummets As Q€ "Priced In", Futures "Coiled" Ahead Of Payrolls

FX UpdateTF
EURUSD melting lower toward 1.10 has been grabbing all of the headlines, but most of that has been a weak euro story. The USD, meanwhile, is merely among the strongest currencies rather than a true stand-out. Cue today’s US employment report for whether the USD bull is ready to charge again.

From the FloorTF
If the euro had been hoping for some support from Mario Draghi's ECB press conference yesterday, it got very little with an initial spurt giving way to sub 1.10 levels. With today's NFP looming, the common currency is floundering.

Daily NewsletterTF
After several months of unexpectedly strong US employment data, markets are expecting more of the same in today's NFP print. Should the numbers oblige, expectations of a near-term Fed rate hike should ratchet up a tick or two. Also worth watching today is revised Eurozone GDP data. Germany's industrial output data is also due and always worth tracking as a proxy of wider Eurozone prospects.

Ei mikään normimaanantai | Euro hylkii eurodataa | USA:ssa uusien työttömyyskorvaushakemusten määrä nousi korkeimmalle tasolleen yhdeksään kuukauteen

Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja 1/2015Taloustieteellinen yhdistys

Suomen velkaantuminen pahenee – "Nyt on raakaa faktaa"Verkkouutiset

Puheeni pakkoruotsista, jota en onnistunut pitämäänOsmo Soininvaara

Vakava varoitus Suomelle TV:ssä: ”Muutamassa vuodessa kova kriisi”Uusi Suomi

Kun politiikasta tuli kvartaalipopulistista vähittäiskauppaaYLE
Politiikka ja aatteet eivät sovi tänään yhteen. Milloin aatteettomuus astui mukaan politiikkaan ja milloin tilalle astui kvartaalipopulistinen vähittäiskauppameininki? Milloin brändit ja imagot jyräsivät aatteet ja tilalle astuivat lyhyen aikavälin pikavoitot? Sakari Sirkkasen haastateltavana on entinen Ylen taloustoimittaja, nykyinen viestintäyrittäjä, puolueiden aatteista kirjan kirjoittanut Jouko Marttila.

Laskeeko Suomen luottoluokitus taas?IL
Valtiovarainministeri Antti Rinne yritti viikko sitten vakuuttaa luottoluokittajia hallituksen päätöksentekokyvystä.

Kansalaisaloite: Ruotsin kieli valinnaiseksi oppiaineeksi kaikilla kouluasteillaEduskunta

PS: Enemmistö jänisti pakkoruotsiäänestyksessäSuomen Uutiset

Legrain: Sopivatko euro ja demokratia yhteen?Suomen Uutiset