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Thursday, February 25

25th Feb - Eyes on G20 and next month

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EU Stagnation Continues: Deja Vu All Over AgainSocial Europe

Why The European Periphery Needs A Post-Euro StrategySocial Europe

EU migration system ‘could break down in 10 days’Politico

Brussels presses the hold button on BrexitPolitico

2015 Q3 Consolidated Banking DataECB

Jan von Gerich: Bonds: Still going strongNordea
After general risk aversion gave bonds another boost in the early weeks of 2016, German bonds have continued to perform strongly. The recent market action very much suggests the bond market sentiment ahead of the ECB’s March meeting remains strong. While the ECB will have its hands full in meeting high expectations again, policymakers should be keen to avoid a repeat of the market action following the December ECB meeting.

China Said to Agree $7.7 Billion of Bad Loan SecuritizationBB
First quota since 2008 as soured loans rise to decade high * Bank of China awaiting CBRC approval for first NPL sale

G20 Meeting is no Jedi Council - Marc Chandler

Morning Money BeatWSJ
Will Energy Sector’s Drag Soon Fade?

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

10-year Bund yield down, oil rebounds, GBP under pressure * Euro-area inflation – upward revision?  * Shattered oil freeze deal sends yields sharply lower * NOK tanks on falling oil weakening versus all G10 currencies

Morning MarketsTF
The rebound in crude prices and gains on Wall Street were met with relief across Asia particularly in Tokyo where the Nikkei 225 dusted itself off after Wednesday's stumble and headed higher. It was a different story in Shanghai however where the benchmark index took its largest one-day plunge in a month.

Daily FX Comment Marc Chandler
Dollar is Little Changed, US Leadership Awaited

Daily ShotTF
Oil has been under pressure for quite some time. Production and inventories usually only knew one way: up. Now we are starting to see some slowdown. But will it last?

Matt Levine’s Money StuffView / BB
Sovereign Bonds and Merger Misgivings - also bank stress tests, oil debt, scams, politics, the apocalypse, and unicorn anatomy.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Hungary announces referendum on EU migrant quotas * Cameron to use weight of BoE in referendum campaign as IMF warn of “negative” consequences of Brexit * Podemos walks out of government negotiations with the Socialist Party * Eurozone officials to assess progress in third Greek bailout on Monday * Hollande: EU offer for trade deal with South American bloc to be submitted soon

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Vienna walls — Brussels and Brexit — Googling Vestager


Now It's China's Turn To Crash: Shanghai Plunges 6.4% Overnight


FX UpdateTF
The USD is on the offer after a couple of ugly data points yesterday as the EURUSD break of 1.1000 is now unbroken and despite a vigorous bounce in USDJPY overnight after touching near the critical 111.00 yesterday.

From the FloorTF
Chinese stocks were sold of heavily with the Shanghai Composite sliding 6.4% on Thursday and surprisingly weak non-manufacturing data from the US on Wednesday sparked fears of recession.

Kiinalainen kiitos * USA:n palvelusektorin luottamus (PMI) heikkeni yllättäen * Norjan öljyinvestoinnit putosivat odotuksia enemmän * Brexit-riskit sysäävät puntaa heikommaksi

Helikopterielvytys on finanssipolitiikkaaRaha ja Talous

Vähittäiskauppa tammik. -1.4% YoYTilastokeskus