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Wednesday, October 16

16th Oct - Deal in US?

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Troika on the brink of implosionPresseurop
Disagreements between the European Commission and the IMF on how to end the debt crisis in Europe continue to grow. Starting in Brussels, it is possible to envisage the careful dismantling of the group.

Fiscal Consolidation in the Euro Area: How Much Can Structural Reforms Ease the Pain?IMF

No “Greening” of the German government: coalition of the centre now only game in townDB Research
Last night, the Green Party and the conservatives held their second round of exploratory talks. Afterwards, the Green Party decided not to enter into coalition talks. The only option left on the table is a coalition of the centre comprising the CDU/CSU and the SPD

Analysis: Letta plays safe with solid but unambitious Italian budgetReuters
Italy's 2014 budget plays by the European Union rules, but seems designed more to offend nobody than to give the euro zone's most chronically sluggish economy a decisive boost.

Oct. 17 is the debt-ceiling deadline. But it’s not the day we default.WaPo

The shutdown is ending. Here’s how.WaPo

The debt ceiling standoff in one chartWaPo

*Fiscal Uncertainty Chips Away at U.S. PrestigeWSJ

Can Kicked For Three Months Means End Of Rumor Buying?ZH

Treasury Bills Reprice For February Default RiskZH

Someone Tell Credit Default Swaps The US Is Out Of The WoodsZH

Senate moving toward vote on budget dealPolitico

Senate leaders strike deal to end shutdown, raise debt ceilingThe Hill

The Long and Short of A Temporary Debt Ceiling DealEconMatters

Fiscal deal nears final votesReuters
Senate leaders struck a bipartisan 11th-hour deal to break the fiscal impasse, and the House agreed to take it up.

Congress to Vote on Fiscal Deal as Boehner Concedes LossBB
Congress is poised to end the 16-day government shutdown and raise the U.S. debt limit after the bipartisan leaders of the U.S. Senate reached an agreement to end the nation’s fiscal impasse.

Eurooppa yhtenäistyyHenri Myllyniemi

Finanssiala: Yhteisvastuulle asetettava selkeät rajat pankkiunionissaVerkkouutiset

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