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Monday, October 7

7th Oct - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
Daily Risk Monitor – Global Macro Monitor
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Stocks Slump Most In 6 Weeks As VIX Spikes Most In Over 3 Months – ZH

German business on the crisis, growing political rifts and UK exit fearsBruegel

Should ECB minutes be published?
The publication of attributed voting records and minutes of the ECB council’s meetings would increase the influence of national governments and discourage pro-Eurozone behaviour. This column argues that this would be undesirable. Publishing non-attributed summary minutes, however, would enhance the ECB’s accountability towards the public.

Backstop before Asset Quality Review and Stress Tests in EuropeMarc to Market
Europe is moving, however slowly toward a banking union… If it is judged that the banks need to raise capital, it also makes sense to ensure that there are facilities in place that will allow for this without triggering a new financial crisis. 

Interview With George Soros: 'Greece Can Never Pay Back Its Debt'Spiegel
Should Greece have a large part of its debt waived? Absolutely, says George Soros, otherwise the country will never recover. The billionaire investor also warns about the rise of extremist parties if Germany does not change its policies towards Europe.

Greece mulls swapping bailout loans with 50-year bond issue: sourceReuters
Greece is looking into swapping a big chunk of its bailout loans with a 50-year government bond as a way to achieve debt relief once it attains a primary budget surplus this year, an official close to the discussions told Reuters on Saturday.

SocGen: End Of QE3 Will Lead To 15% Market Drop, Surge In VIX, Followed By "The Big Sleep"ZH

Asset-Management Study Is a Headache in 31 PagesWSJ
Could the distress of a company such as BlackRock Inc., Pacific Investment Management Co. or Fidelity Investments Inc. put the financial system in danger? And if so, should they be regulated like big banks, with hefty capital buffers and close scrutiny of their activities?

‘Systemically Important?’ Asset Managers Push BackWSJ

BofAML Says This Is The Line In The Sand For S&P 500 Downside RiskZH

Government shutdowns are not “small government.” The Money Illusion
Nor are they “fiscal policy.”

Three terrifying quotes on the debt ceilingWaPo

Introducing the Wonkblog Daily Default Dashboard!WaPo

The 13 reasons Washington is failingWaPo

Absolutely everything you need to know about the debt ceilingWaPo

Prioritization Of Payments: Would They? Could They?ZH

Can business take the Republican Party back from the Tea Party?WaPo

If we hit the debt ceiling, can Obama choose which bills to pay?WaPo

Simon Johnson: Tea Party’s Strategy Is a Proven LoserView / BB

How to Solve the Debt-Ceiling Crisis ForeverBusinessweek

No Clear Fiscal Deadline, and That’s a ProblemMacro and Market

White House Backs Temporary Debt-Ceiling FixWSJ
Administration Officials Says Near-Term Increase Would Give Sides More Time for Talks

Emerging Market Preview: The Week AheadMarc to Market

Key Events And Issues In The Coming WeekZH

How Emerging Markets Can Get Their Groove BackiMFdirect
Countries will need to identify reform priorities to remove supply bottlenecks, boost productivity and move their economies up in the value chain of economic activities. This means addressing lingering barriers to long-term growth— pushing ahead with infrastructure investment and improving the business climate, for example.  Countercyclical demand management policies will no longer do the trick.

Ehdotus eläkkeistä – heti 10 kuukautta lisää töitäTalSa
Etla ehdottaa vanhuuseläkkeen sitomista elinajan odotteeseen. Silloin työurat pitenisivät ja työeläkemaksut pienenisivät. Ja seurauksena julkisen talouden velka voisi pienentyä pari miljardia.

OPKK:n Sandberg: Asuntohintakuplaa ei oleTalSa
Talouden synkkä tilanne näkyy asuntomarkkinoilla. Kiinteistönvälitysjohtaja Kenneth Sandberg OPKK:sta sanoo, että kauppa on käynyt tänä vuonna noin 15 prosenttia viimevuotista laimeammin. Puheet hintakuplasta hän kiistää täysin.

Voihan Fenno!TE
Oli harkittu ajoitus ympäristöministeri Ville Niinistöltä (vihr), kun hän viime lauantaina sanoi puoluevaltuuskunnan kokouksessa, että Fennovoiman Pyhäjoen ydinvoimalahanke tuupertuu puolessa vuodessa.

Älkää haudatko valtiotaTalSa
Valtiolla on yhä käyttöä, vaikka iskut sitä vastaan kovenevat.