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Tuesday, October 8

8th Oct - EU Open

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News roundup – Between The Hedges
The 6am Cut London – alphaville / FT
Emerging Markets Headlines – beyondbrics / FT
Asia Morning MoneyBeat: Investors Are Getting Fidgety – WSJ
Europe Morning MoneyBeat: Stocks Still Mired By Events in D.C. – WSJ

3 Numbers to Watch: UK retail, German factory orders, US NFIBTradingFloor
A private-sector measure of UK retail spending, factory orders for Germany, and the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index for the US are among today’s key numbers to watch.

Market Preview: US impasse continues; German factory orders eyedTradingFloor
Market concerns about the prolonged US government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling deadline is expected to lead European markets to open lower Tuesday. Traders await today’s German factory orders and trade balance data for further direction.

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
Focus in the market will continue to be on political developments in the US although a decisive breakthrough in the political wrangling does not appear to be imminent.... In the euro area, attention will today mainly be on German factory orders and foreign trade data for August... Bundesbank
President Jens Weidmann and German Finance Minister Wolfang Schaeuble will today be speaking about the future of Europe

Market comment:  Greece sees light – let’s hope it is not an incoming train – Nordea
Bond yields fall – bonds should remain supported * Greece sees a return to growth next year * Industrial data ahead in Europe * US pays a higher price for T-bills – more auctions today

Joko hyvät uutiset rantautuisivat Suomeenkin saakka? * Hallitus Saksaan vasta jouluksi * Korot laskussa riskinottohalukkuuden tyrehtyessä

AamukatsausTapiola (pdf)
Osake- ja hyödykemarkkinat pysyivät painuksissa USA:n velkakattokiistan jatkuessa. USA:n tuloskausi käyntiin tänään Alcoan toimesta. Osakefutuurit nollassa, indikoiden tasaista avausta OMX HEX:iin. 3Q13-tuloskauden kalenteri (sivulla 4), torstaina 10.10. 3Q13-kausi alkaa Baswarella. Ulkomaalaisomistusten seuranta OMX HEX -osakkeissa, syyskuu: Laajaa ja monipuolista ostoa suomalaisosakkeisiin ja OMX HEX nousi syyskuussa n. 10%. Ostossa niin sykliset osakkeet kuin ”Venäjä -osakkeet” kuin myös velkakirjojen korvikkeet.


Greece forecasts it will emerge from recession in 2014 BBC

IMF Document Excerpts: Disagreements RevealedWSJ
These are excerpts from confidential IMF documents, including board meeting minutes, staff briefs and board-member comments reveal considerable disagreement at the May 9, 2010 meeting at which the IMF board approved Greece’s first bailout.

Poll: GOP is getting blamed for the shutdownWaPo
Great Graphic: Attributing Blame for the EmbarrassmentMarc to Market

Shut Down, Debt Ceiling Round UpZH

Felix Salmon smackdown watch, debt prioritization editionReuters

Data Delays in Fed Shutdown: On Getting Over ItAll About Alpha

No Way U.S. Would Allow Debt Default? Don’t Bet on ItNYT
The more Wall Street is convinced that Washington will act rationally and raise the debt ceiling, the less pressure there will be on lawmakers.

3 days to cureSober Look

Developing East Asia slows, but continues to lead global growth at 7.1% in 2013 World Bank

World Bank: more worried about tapering or China?beyondbrics / FT
What’s the bigger risk for emerging Asia, the US tapering its QE programme, or the fall-out from years of over-investment in China?

World Bank: Asia Still on TopThe Diplomat