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Friday, October 18

18th Oct - The missing data begins to come in

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The New Dark ContinentWSJ
Wind and solar mandates are breaking Europe's electric utilities.

Like its election, Germany's coalition talks will be dominated by domestic issuesOpen Europe

Eurozone inflation hits its lowest levels for three yearsOpen Europe

The German Association of Family Businesses: “a fundamental re-calibration of the EU Treaties”Open Europe

Fed to Consider Liquidity Requirement at Oct. 24 MeetingWSJ
To consider a proposal designed to make banks more resilient during a liquidity crunch.

Post-deal optimismalphaville / FT
It’s wise to be cautious whenever Wall Street strategists play political prognosticators, but these points from Barclays about the recent deal to lift the debt ceiling and reopen the government seem sensible enough, if a bit more sanguine than is warranted:

Updated ScheduleBLS

Schedule for backlog of US data releases TradingFloor
BLS Releases Updated Economic Data Schedule - B

Data delayed, taper too? alphaville / FT
A guide from Capital Economics, based partly on the experience of the 1990s, about the anticipated return of certain indicators

When Will Labor Department Reports Be Released?WSJ

Implications of the Government Shutdown on Inflation EstimatesFED
October Impact: Delay and Potential Processing Error, November through May Impact: Sampling Error

  China Q3 GDP
Economy expanded 7.8% in Q3 y-o-y – FT
Growth fastest this year, but outlook murky – Reuters
Growth Rebounds After Li Stimulus to Meet Target – BB
Moderate recovery in Q3 – Danske Bank
Target this year is saved – Nordea
China’s growth prospects: bulls and bears – The A-list / FT
What is the reality behind China's GDP numbers? – TradingFloor

3 Numbers to Watch: US credit ratings, Fed presidents, FX carry TradingFloor
Credit raters are rattling their sabres at the American political leadership, and Fed presidents will probably complain how the lack of data postpones the tapering. The two-year yield spread of Germany and US is at interesting levels.

Danske Technical UpdateDanske Bank

Strategy: US stalls while China and Europe strengthenDanske Bank

USD selloff may soon face headwindsTradingFloor
The US' BLS has released the schedule for data releases, as we look for the employment report next Tuesday. USDCAD is about as sleepy as it has ever been – so volatility is cheap for those who want to express a directional view.

"Otetaan markka takaisin" KL
Sijoittajaksi vaihtanut, Ålandsbankenin varainhoitoyhtiön entinen toimitusjohtaja Stefan Törnqvist epäilee yhä euroa.

Sosialidemokraattien alamäkiTyhmyri
Syyt löytyvät toteutetusta politiikasta

Suomen luokitus säilyi vielä – Uhkaava viesti seuraavalle hallitukselleUS

Presidentti Niinistö: Suomella kolme syytä olla tiukka eurokentilläTalSa
"Järjen ääni tuppaa tulemaan ulos"TalSa

Rahakkaiden elämäkerrat taisteluna vallastaJ. Sakari Hankamäki