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Wednesday, October 30

30th Oct - FOMC decision due

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Despite signs of recovery, the Eurozone crisis is still far from overEuropp / LSE
The root cause of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis may not have been excessive public spending, but rather a divergence between wages in sheltered sectors (largely in the public sector) and the manufacturing (export) sectors in European economies, which affected states’ external competitiveness. Until this problem is solved any recovery is likely to be short lived.

Press release October 2013 euro area bank lending surveyECB
The euro area bank lending survey Q3 2013ECB
No more credit tightening in the Euro areaNordea

EU sentiment improves, but periphery sagsTradingFloor
The euro area's business and consumer survey for October showed improving and better-than-expected moods, with the most notable being the surprisingly high industrial confidence. However, something remains wrong with the periphery.

Italy versus SpainMacroScope / Reuters

Pieces of good news from Spain, but don’t call it recovery yetNordea

Italian, Spanish Debt Maturities Set to Lengthen Next YearWSJ

The Fed not set to support a further rally?Nordea

Deutsche Bank's Five Reasons Why The Fed May Stun Everyone Once AgainZH

What to Watch for From the FedWSJ


Parsing the Fed: How the Statement ChangedWSJ

Three Takeaways on the Fed’s Policy Statement – December Taper Not Off the TableWSJ

Tapering is on hold, not off – FOMC statementNordea

Post-FOMC Update: Stocks, Bonds, Bullion Tumble; USD SoarsZH

Citi Now Sees Odds Of A Dec/Jan Taper Doubling From From 35% to 65% - ZH

How the Federal Reserve is like a snake eating itselfWaPo

Where are the global growth optimists?FT

Tuomas Saarenheimo ja HeSarin haastattelu – kerrassaan jännittävääTyhmyri

Menneiden aikojen taistolaiset ja suomalaiset islamin puolustajat – oppitunteja todellisuuden kieltämisestäTyhmyri

Valtioneuvoston tulevaisuusselonteko: kestävällä kasvulla hyvinvointiaVN
Pääministeri Jyrki Kataisen hallituksen tulevaisuusselonteko avaa Suomen pitkän aikavälin tulevaisuuden haasteita ja mahdollisuuksia sekä linjaa valtioneuvoston yhteisen tahtotilan tulevaisuuden rakentamiseksi.

SDP:n kannatus nousuun – PS putosiYLE