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Friday, October 25

25th Oct - Friday links

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Eurozone - No history in the making?Merkelnomics

Is Merkel gearing up for a scrap over EU Treaty change?Open Europe
Angela Merkel set out her proposals for giving the EU greater powers over eurozone members’ national budgets to EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy last week, a move which would require EU Treaty change.

France's Hollande seen losing 2017 presidential election: pollReuters

Eurozone PMIs disappoint but growth path remains on trackTradingFloor
While the European PMI's were weaker than expected, the growth trend remains in place and the outlook for the periphery is good. Unfortunately, France's bad performance could begin to hurt the European political process.

Euro-Area Services, Manufacturing Unexpectedly SlowBB

How Much Has the Fed Opened Up?WSJ
It’s no secret the Federal Reserve has gotten a lot chattier in recent years.

A Very Expensive Tea PartyNYT
Simon Johnson: The only force that can rein in Tea Party extremism – and get the nation off the road to fiscal ruin – is resurgence among Republican moderates. Unfortunately, their recent performance has not been impressive.

China Repo Rate Surge Continues As PBOC Refrains From Liquiidty Injection ZH

German Ifo sentiment, Euro M3 supply, UK GDPTradingFloor
Today's Ifo business climate index should explain why services are tanking in Europe. The euro area's monetary data will show a continuing credit crunch, but the ECB is unable to do much about it. UK's 3Q GDP is a potential game changer.

EMEA Weekly: Week 43Danske Bank

Stress Indicators: The market is sleepingTradingFloor
Should Saxo Bank's Stress Indicators be renamed 'Complacency Indicators'? Well that's what Steen Jakobsen suggests because the market is quite stupidly ignoring systemic value at risk and valuation conservatism.

Korkman Wahlroosin EKP-analyysistä: Ei osu asian ytimeenVerkkouutiset

Urpilainen: “Ministeriö on ottanut opiksi"IS
Valtiovarainministeri Jutta Urpilaisen mukaan oikeuskanslerin moittimat ministeriön ratkaisut Kreikka-asiakirjojen julkisuudesta ovat “virkamiesten tekemiä ratkaisuja”

Vähittäiskaupan pikaennakko: myynti laski syyskuussa 1% y-o-y – Tilastokeskus
Uusien yritysten määrä edelleen laskusuunnassa – Tilastokeskus
Teollisuuden tuottajahinnat laskivat syyskuussa 1,1% - Tilastokeskus