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Saturday, March 15

15th Mar - W/E: Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week. Last week's 'Support' here.

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Market PricesGlobal Macro Monitor

Weekly ScoreboardBetween The Hedges

Europe: Russia Into Bear Market As Europe Drops Most In 9 MonthsZH
US: Stocks Worst Week In 9 Month; Gold Hits 6 Month HighsZH

Weekly Market SummaryThe Fat Pitch

The Weekenderbeyondbrics / FT

Succinct summation of week’s eventsThe Big Picture

Schedule for WeekCalculated Risk

Economic CalendarBerenberg
US Federal Reserve decision: QE tapering to continue * UK budget: no room for give-aways * EU summit: Ukraine crisis dominating

Economic CalendarHandelsbanken

UK Next Week's Agenda and Wrap UpHandelsbanken

Wall Street Week AheadReuters
Crimea vote to keep markets on edge

5 Things to Watch on the Economic CalendarWSJ
The Fed policy meetings tops a busy week for economic data.

EU Week Ahead March 17-21WSJ
Starts, Continues and Ends with Ukraine

What Matters in the Week AheadWSJ

Weighing the Week Ahead: Yellen Takes the StageA Dash of Insight
This week marks the first FOMC meeting with Janet Yellen as the Chair. Since there will also be an update to forecasts, the announcement will include a press conference.

Thoughts on the Week AheadMarc to Market
Weekend developments will dominate the first part of the week ahead. Two developments stand out. First, China announced a doubling of the permissible band from 1.0% to 2.0% around the daily fix. The second development over the weekend was the Crimean referendum.
Key events in the week ahead – ZH

Northern Lights - Scandi central banks on holdNordea
Sweden: Recovery but very low inflation * Norway: Rates firmly on hold * Denmark: Great opportunities in govies

Weekly Focus: On shaky groundDanske Bank
The repercussions of Crimea’s referendum to join Russia on Sunday. The FOMC meeting on Wednesday. February’s final euro area HICP inflation figure.

Strategy: Risk assets vulnerable as growth slows and tensions riseDanske Bank
All regions except Europe are slowing * Tensions are rising with the Russia/Ukraine crisis * US stock markets have been remarkably resilient so far leaving valuation more stretched * Earnings growth likely to disappoint again in Q1.

Week AheadNordea
US: FOMC meeting Wednesday. We expect them to stay the course on tapering, despite some softening in economic indicators since last meeting. Euro area: After unexpectedly weak French inflation numbers, a downward revision of the Euro area’s inflation print for February to 0.7% from 0.8% is very likely (Monday). We would be back to the low of last October and March could bring an even lower print.

Editorial: Good times ahead for French debt, Higher GDP coming, helps pushing down the public debt ratio, which will nonetheless continue to rise * Japan: have Abenomics’ effects already dissipated? US: The silence of the doves and of the hawks, a shrinking US deficit Eurozone: How likely is the suspension of sterilisation of the SMP?

Scandi markets ahead – Danske Bank

Viikkokatsaus: Katseet FediinNordea
Tällä viikolla: Fed vähentää ostojaan, euroalueen inflaatio hidastuu? Mennyttä: Sää painoi edelleen jenkkilukuja, Suomen teollisuudesta heikkoja lukuja

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank
Another week of strong primary market activity. Modest risk-off mode with widening CDS indices. Focus on Crimea’s referendum on Sunday.

Yield Forecast Update Danske Bank
Hesitant ECB and soft US data keep rates in check

Euro Rates UpdateNordea

European FI Strategy: Not another crisisNordea
Flight-to-quality flows have pushed bond yields lower again, and risks remain tilted towards lower yields, as tensions between Russia and the EU/US over Ukraine / Crimea could easily escalate. On the central bank front, the ECB is struggling with a strong currency.
Weekly Market OutlookMoody’s
Corporate Bond Bulls Graze on Borrowing Restraint

Credit OutlookMoody’s

Market Data HighlightsMoody’s Analytics

FX Outlook: Euro Resilience is RemarkableMarc to Market
Our technical note a week ago expected the dollar, yen and Swiss franc to outperform and for global equity markets to retreat.  However, the euro's resilience continues to frustrate the otherwise respectable market calls. The yen was the easily the strongest of the major currencies, gaining almost 2% against the dollar.

FX Forecast Update Danske Bank
EUR support the next three months

Global FX Strategy: EURUSD will fall.. If US fallsNordea
Will the EURUSD fall, when Fed eventually starts its hiking regime? Not necessarily. Find our thougths on that, as well as updated stories on GBP, CHF, SEK and NOK in this edition of our monthly Global FX Strategy.

EMEA WeeklyDanske Bank

EM Preview: The Week AheadMarc to Market

EM Week Aheadbeyondbrics / FT
The world will be watching the aftermath of the weekend’s proposed referendum in Crimea. During the week China and its neighbours will try to resolve tensions in the South China Sea, Michelle Obama will visit Chinese schools and universities and, on Friday, there is a small chance the earth will suffer a catastrophic asteroid strike.

Commodities Update: all eyes on CrimeaDanske Bank
As we head into the weekend, all commodities markets have eyes on Sunday’s referendum on Crimea. A further escalation in the crisis could have implications for the energy and grains market given Russia’s and Ukraine’s dominant positions in the two.

Economic Calendar –
Economic Calendar – BB
EU calendar –