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Friday, September 14

14th Sep - US Open

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14.9. Weekender: Best of The Week

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Roundups & Commentary
US Opening News And Market Re-Cap – Ransquawk / ZH
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight Summary – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
Emerging N.Y. headlines – beyondbrics / FT
Today’s front pages – presseurop
Daily press summary Open Europe
  ECB and IMF in talks over €300bn bailout for Spain

Morning MarketBeat: For Stocks, Next Stop All-Time Highs? – WSJ
Broker Note Briefing – WSJ
Morning Take-Out – NYT
AM Dear Dairy: Fed Wrap-Up – Macro and Cheese
It's not Simply QE3Marc to Market
The T Report: The Carrot and The Carrot – TF Market Advisors

US session ahead
Pre-market Commentary – Marketwatch
Pre-Market Trading – CNNMoney
Pre-Market – NASDAQ
US Equity Preview – Bloomberg
Earnings & Events – The Street
MarketCurrents – Seeking Alpha

TV: Bloomberg, BBC
Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
The Euro Crisis Blog – WSJ
Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis – NYT
FX Options Analytics – Saxo Bank
European 10yr Yields and Spreads – MTS indices

Spanish Debt, Bank Borrowings Soar To Highest In Decades As Home Prices Fall By Most Ever While GDP ShrinksZH

About that flight of the Spanish depositsalphaville / FT
JPM: Of the €290bn fall in Spanish deposits since last June, €155bn represents lost funding. The rest is largely driven by a decline in the amount of securitized bonds, which under Spanish accounting rules create an accounting entry in deposits of the issuing bank. From this €155bn around €35bn is due to wholesale funding and €120bn is due to traditional deposits, of which less than half is due to domestic household and corporate deposits.

The Catalans mean business (and the lesson is for the eurozone)Open Europe
Catalonians vow to leave SpainMacrobusiness

Is democracy shrinking?presseurop
With national leaders apparently unable to act, such institutions as the ECB, the German constitutional court, and the European Court of Justice are playing an increasingly influential role in European affairs. French political analyst Antoine Vauchez argues that their intervention amounts to a bending of the rules of democracy which urgently needs to be addressed.

Too soon to jump to conclusions: the Dutch debate on Europe has only startedOpen Europe

Further Qeedingalphaville / FT

The day after: lingering thoughts and questions about QE3alphaville / FT

The Fed’s QE3: No Exitnaked capitalism

Everything you need to know about the Fed’s big moveWonkblog / WP

(audio 17min) BizDaily: US Quantitative EasingBBC (mp3)
The Fed is feeding again - 40 billion freshly minted dollars every month, for as long as it takes to get Americans back to work. But will Ben Bernanke's big bazooka really do the trick?

Chinese corporate risk looks pretty significantalphaville / FT
Standard & Poor’s released a study of 107 large Chinese companies evaluated for business risk and financial risk.

Global Week Ahead – Spain is biding its timeNordea
This Week Ahead brings fewer important events, but will surely have its moments. While the markets are still digesting the Fed and ECB announcements, Spain is watching the markets and biding its time. (direct pdf)

EKP:n KuukausikatsausSuomen Pankki
suora pdf-linkki (283 sivua, 7.58MB)

Barroso nosti liittovaltion pöydälleSSS

Hyvä alku eurokriisin nujertamiseksiESS

Euroalueen ongelmiin vain vaikeita ratkaisujaKS

Eurokriittisyys koki haaksirikonKS

Vihdoin edes jonkinlainen suunnitelma HS

Eurokriisin hoidossa askelletaan eteenpäinHS

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