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Tuesday, September 4

4th Sep - US Open: Leaking Support

Risk markets selling off slightly. ECB expectations managed by leaked reports that the "believe me"-man will buy the Quantanameras.

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Roundups & Commentary
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  MEPs leak reports of ECB bond buying

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US session ahead
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Spain, Bad Banks, Assets, Losses and LiesGolem XIV
In short, bad banks are rarely a real solution. They roll losses out of the public eye and in to the future. The loss is still as real as ever and it is still the tax payer who will foot the bill.

Euroisation and de-euroisation in one handy chartalphaville / FT
JP Morgan’s Flows & Liquidity team have compiled a composite Eurozone disintegration measure:

Financial fragmentation in many partsalphaville / FT
the above with country-specific data, again from JPM

Mildly disappointing ECB on ThursdayNordea
“Disappoint” because details of the new intervention programme are likely to be scarce, and “mildly” because the expected disappointment seems to have become the consensus call over the past weeks.

Economic Outlook – Slow speed aheadNordea
The global economy continues to grow, but the pace is slow. This also applies to the Nordic economies, with the exception of Norway and Sweden (full pdf in several languages available for download).

140 years of Equity Yield vs US Bond YieldThe Big Picture

Back-to-School Letter to the US CongressMohamed El-Erian / Project Syndicate

Talousnäkymät – Hitaasti kiiruhtaenNordea
(sama katsaus kuin yllä, mutta suomeksi)

Talousennuste vuosille 2012–2013PT (pdf)
Euroopan velkakriisi hidastaa kasvua (lehdistötiedote pdf kiireisille/laiskoille)

Pääkirjoitus: Pankkiunioni olisi kriisin täsmähoitoaHS

Miksi Suomessa ei kannata pitää teollista toimintaa – koska suomalainen työ on hintaansa nähden tuottamatontatyhmyri

Luuleeko joku oikeasti että jos Suomi palaisi markkaan, niin markan arvo vahvistuisi eikä sille mitään voitaisi?tyhmyri

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