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Monday, September 24

24th Sep - US Open: Quad'it? + Views

The plans to leverage the ESM seem very strange. Just by planning this they are de facto announcing that the current measures are not enough - but that part we knew already. Leveraging the ESM makes it certain that a large part of the paid-in ESM capital will be spent in the eventual debt restructurings. So is the idea making everyone a single-A country in Europe, while simultaneously ensuring that the competitiveness never comes back? The politicians will get burned in the elections real bad. There is too much debt. Moving it from one pocket to another will not help - and they ought to understand this. The eurocrats are delusional.

Kuvittelen tämän Merkelin suuhun. Muuten en keksi, mikä helvetti Suomea vaivaa:

"Jos lopetatte vastuunkannon ja lähdette eurosta, me käsketään meidän pankkien ja vakuutusyhtiöiden dumpata kaikki Suomen valtion velkakirjat. Lisäksi huolehditaan, että Suomen TARGET2-saatavat eurosystemistä neuvotellaan pitkään, hartaasti ja epäedullisesti teidän kannalta.
Me ei kohtuuttomia vaadita. Vedätte vaan Suomen vastuut ja velat keskimääräiselle EU-tasolle, tonne 90 prosenttiin BKT:stä. Ne, jotka nyt teistä lähtee tähän mukaan, palkitaan ruhtinaallisesti."

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broken, Fixit. – MoreLiver

SPX still in a channel, no news there. Feeling slightly toppish, and we might see tests of the support levels. The QE is over now, and a delayed "sell the news" would make perfect sense and technically not even change the current bullish picture, as long as the channel holds (no penetration of 1420). One possibility is that the horizontal congestion we saw in August is replayed, and after another week of not going anywhere, the markets could simply break higher. I don't see any clear events that could cause this - except solving the Greek question (kick or support).
The hourly chart clearly shows the trading range. Buy low, sell high :)

EURUSD seems weaker than the SPX, and spending the early part of the week in a 1.2950-1.2850 range seems probable. Please remember that the EURUSD rallied fast - and more than SPX - after the ECB and US QE news. In a way the current slow crawl lower is "coming back in line". The rest of the week will see Spanish horrors (possible bailout request, report on the banks), so further weakness sounds a good bet. There are no obvious downside targets, so I have no strong views now.
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