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Wednesday, September 19

19th Sep - EU Open

For full coverage of the two most important developments, see ECB Watch and Fed Extra.

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Morning Briefing (Asia): Profit-Taking Modest as Dow Maintains HighsBNY Mellon
Hope in successful post-crisis outcomes is being replaced by a growing sense of déjà vu

Asia Today: USDJPY pops higher after aggressive BOJ easingSaxo Bank
Asia spent the morning waiting for the Bank of Japan announcement and kept currencies tight-ranged but at the lower levels established overnight. The BOJ delivered a slew of easing measures, more aggressive than the market had expected. USDJPY rallied

Market Preview: US Housing Starts eyedSaxo Bank
European markets are expected to open higher Wednesday amid greater risk appetite following the Bank of Japan's decision to raise its asset purchases. Markets are keeping a tap on US housing starts and building permits data due later today.

Danske Daily Danske Bank (pdf)
Bank of Japan eases monetary policy more than expected, adding JPY10trn to its asset purchase programme. This has turned sentiment around in Asia. Saudi Arabia will try to lower oil prices alleviating fears  that last week’s Fed action and renewed focus on geo-politics could kick-start a major rally in oil prices.

AamukatsausNordea (pdf)
Luottamus talouteen palasi Saksassa * Asuntomarkkinoiden elpyminen jatkuu USA:ssa * USDJPY jatkanut nousussa BoJ:n lisäelvytyspäätöksen myötä

AamukatsausTapiola (pdf) 
Markkinoille aamulla yllättävä piristysruiske Japanin keskuspankilta, luvassa lisää määrällistä elvytystä. Osakefutuurit osoittavat nousuavausta. Inflaatio-odotukset hiipivät ylöspäin. Tapiola Pankki tapasi joukon suomalaisia yrityksiä: Potentiaalisimmat tapaukset: Raisio ja Vacon, vs. huolia herätti eniten: Rautaruukki.
Morning Briefing (EU/US): What the Zeus? BNY Mellon
Has excoriation given way to eulogy? The Greek saga drags on

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