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Sunday, October 14

14th Oct - Weekender: Off-Topic, Finnish & Views

The final post of the weekend! First some market views (pics are clickable), followed by some Off-Topic articles that I've come across during the ending week. And finally, some article links in Finnish.

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EURUSD seems to have entered either a triangle formation or a horizontal trading range. Trading the range for the time being is probably a good idea. If this thing turns out to be a triangle, an eventual breakout to the downside is more probable. If it will become a horizontal tradingrange, the trend still remains up. Clearly, the future of the pair is almost wholly political (will Europe be "solved") and dependent on central bank actions (which one prints the most and which one escapes ZIRP first). On longer timeframes and simply looking at the chart, there should be more upside left for trend.
The uptrend is still technically in place, but a failure to move to new highs, followed by a marginal new low below the previous September low is worrisome. This could still turn out to be similar to last July's trading range. Notice the recent divergence between the EURUSD and the SPX: while SPX moved lower, EURUSD moved higher. This is a change from recent pattern of strong correlation between the two series.
Funnily enough I feel like trading both ways: Tactical longs at the bottom of the recent range make sense, but so does a short: just in case the market is preparing for a major correction and a breakout from the daily bull channel, shorts with stops above the nearest resistance levels could be an interesting play.
EURUSD sounds like a good candidate to trade between 1.3000 and 1.2900 before further news. Shorts targeting  a move to 1.2850 sound like a good idea to me.

Does Biology Make us Liars?The New Republic
Self-love makes the world go round. But, alongside cooperation, could self-love give birth to deception? Could the imperative of self-regard be so great, in fact, as to lead to self-deceit?

The rise of the Computational ClassQuartz

Lance Armstrong's Guide to Cheating a Drug Testbig think

The marshmallow test, revisitedWonkblog / WP
In 1972,
Stanford University’s Walter Mischel sat 600 children down at a table with a marshmallow and gave them a choice: They could eat one marshmallow now, or wait 15 minutes and get two marshmallows.

The evolution of airfares, in one chartWonkblog / WP
Flying has gotten dramatically cheaper since the airline industry was deregulated in 1978… Since 1979, the airline industry as a whole has lost $37.7 billion.

The Greatest Fake-Art Scam in History?Vanity Fair
One of his forgeries hung in a show at the Met. Steve Martin bought another of his fake paintings. Still others have sold at auction for multi-million-dollar prices. So how did a self-described German hippie pull off one of the biggest, most lucrative cons in art-world history? And how did he get nailed?

Rocket-Propelled SyriaForeign Affairs
As Syria’s civil war drags on, the opposition is scrambling to get its hands on weapons funneled into the country by Gulf states and independent gun-runners. But rival rebel leaders have begun leveraging access to stake out positions in a post-Assad Syria.

Is it real? Physicists propose method to determine if the universe is a simulationphysorg
The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulationtechnology review
If the cosmos is a numerical simulation, there ought to be clues in the spectrum of high energy cosmic rays, say theorists

Wall Street’s Forgotten Victims Have Some AdviceMichael Lewis / BB
Maybe the game is over; maybe it isn’t. But one thing is certain: If you are 12 years old, and your dad works on Wall Street, it’s a lot less likely Beyonce will be singing at your 13th birthday party.

Behind Enemy Lines With a Suburban Counterterrorist (2007)Wired

The Cuban Missile Crisis RevisitedForeign Affairs
The Cuban Missile Crisis at 50Project Syndicate
This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis – those 13 days in October 1962 that were probably the closest the world has come to a major nuclear war. The lessons of that brief but perilous episode remain valid today, as the world confronts anew the threat of nuclear proliferation.

The CIA Burglar Who Went RogueSmithsonian
Douglas Groat thought he understood the risks of his job—until he took on his own employer

A Home at the End of Google EarthVanity Fair
Separated from his older brother at a train station, five-year-old Saroo Munshi Khan found himself lost in the slums of Calcutta. Nearly 20 years later, living in Australia, he began a painstaking search for his birth home, using ingenuity, hazy memories, and Google Earth.

The 6 Most Mind-Blowing (and Pointless) Gaming AchievementsCracked

The Who's Pete Townshend, a reluctant rock starCBS

A look inside the Space Shuttle AtlantisThe Big Picture
Flight Deck of the Space ShuttleLaunch Photography

Sleeping Brain Behaves as If It's Remembering SomethingScience Daily
UCLA researchers have for the first time measured the activity of a brain region known to be involved in learning, memory and Alzheimer's disease during sleep. They discovered that this part of the brain behaves as if it's remembering something, even under anesthesia, a finding that counters conventional theories about memory consolidation during sleep.

Neuroplasticity: You Can Teach An Old Brain New Tricksbig think

A Painting Is Not a RefrigeratorEpicurean Dealmaker
If there is a tragedy about fine art, it is that it is simultaneously so small, unprotected, and unimportant on a personal scale and potentially so important on a cultural and historical one. You can’t socially engineer your way around that. It is the nature of the beast.

Nobel laureate challenges psychologists to clean up their actnature
Social-priming research needs “daisy chain” of replication.

The Foodie’s Guide to Korean Street Food in SeoulMigrationology

Iran Revisited: Can Economic Sanctions Delay a Military Showdown?PIIE

Tilauskirjat ennakoivat kylmää talveaSSS

Tarvitaan myös luottamuspääomaaHS
Rahoitusmarkkinavero on kohtuutonHS
Vieraskynä: Uuteen veroon kaavaillut prosentit voivat kuulostaa pieniltä, mutta lopulta kyse on suurista summista.

HS: Ollila vaatii Suomeen työmarkkinauudistustaTalSa
Jorma Ollila maalailee kauhuskenaarioita – lue hurjat talousennusteetKSML

Professori KL:lle: Nyt loppuu työvuosien tuhlaus!verkkouutiset
Emeritusprofessori Jorma Sipilän mielestä lasten tulisi mennä kouluun 6-vuotiaina ja vanhempien työskennellä niin pitkään kuin suinkin mahdollista, Kauppalehti kertoo.

IMF hoputtaa EU:n talousuudistuksiaTalSa
Kansainvälinen valuuttarahasto IMF osoitti Tokiossa varovaista optimismia EU:n kriisitoimia kohtaan. Talouspäättäjät vaativat kuitenkin lisätoimia, sillä maailmantalouden tasapainon arvioidaan olevan hyvin herkässä tilassa.

Nyt se on virallista: talouden löylykisa onkin vikatikkiJan Hurri / TalSa
Kriisimaat ovat lamassa ja muukin Eurooppa uupuu uuteen taantumaan. Ongelmat ovat osin omatekoisia, sillä ennenaikaiset vyönkiristykset ovat heikentäneet muutenkin huteraa taloutta. Nyt osa talouspäättäjistä myöntää, että "talouden löylykisa" ei sittenkään vahvista vaan päinvastoin heikentää taloutta.

Öljy on islamin pahin pulmaTalSa

Miksi tästä ei puhuta? "Suomi on Venäjän energiaprovinssi"TalSa
Suomi tuo lähes kaiken käyttämänsä öljyn itänaapurista, mutta kukaan ei puhu sen synnyttämästä riippuvuudesta, professori ihmettelee.

Se suuri SelviytymistarinaTE
Korkeasti koulutettu kirurgi ja terveysalan yrittäjä LKT Christer Lybäck paljastaa taustansa päihdevammaisena rötöstelijänä.

Tukipaketit lisäävät tarvetta tukipaketeillePekka Tiusanen / US Puheenvuoro

Kirjaläppää: "Valehtelin internetissä tarkoituksella"kirjasfääri
Blogeihin osuneet google-hakusanatilastot sisälsivät jälleen runsain mitoin oletettavasti äidinkielen opintoihin liittyviä hakuja, joiden tarkoituksena oli löytää "mallivastauksia", "juoniselostuksia" tai "kirja-arvosteluja kouluun"...tempauksessa parisenkymmentä bloggaajaa kirjoitti valearvioita kirjoista, joita blogeista usein haetaan koulutehtävähakusanoilla.

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